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The present position: TopIt is played sports child care, education of the inside of thisIt is lifelong learning information of the inside of thisIt is the kigo mountains of inside contact training center of this
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(youth exchange ridge)
Telephone: 076-229-0583
FAX: 076-229-3489
Azukizawamachi, Kanazawa-shi o 4

(child interchange ridge/astronomy learning ridge)
Telephone: 076-229-1141
FAX: 076-229-2511
Dairahonmachi, Kanazawa-shi ka 13-1

Reception hours

From 8:30 a.m. to 5:15 p.m.
(when there is accommodation group, it is not this limit.)

Closed days

Every Monday
(the next day in the case of holiday)
New Year holidays
(from December 29 to January 3)


Galactic village Mt. Kigo

Cooperation of new coronavirus infectious disease extended prevention

We established Mt. kigo formula channel!

Facility guidance (in three facilities!)

Usage guidance

・Charge changed with revision of consumption tax from October, 2019.
・Accommodation tax is levied from April, 2019.
 Please confirm the details by "information for charge".
・The Mt. kigo contact training center site is non-smoking.

Nature of attractive "Mt. kigo, Iouzen!"

Map of Mt. kigo! We come by ← downloading

Road camera and Accumulated snow information (only in the winter season) of the neighborhood of Mt. kigo

  • Kanazawa Accumulated snow information (it is youth exchange ridge neighborhood, image of camera written as the next Iouzen the eleventh of Accumulated snow sensor in front of Iouzen sports center.)


The Mt. kigo contact training center (youth exchange ridge)
Phone number 076-229-0583
FAX number: 076-229-3489
[email protected]

The Mt. kigo contact training center (child interchange ridge/astronomy learning ridge)
Phone number 076-229-1141
FAX number: 076-229-2511
[email protected]

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