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The present position: TopIt is played sports child care, education of the inside of thisIt is lifelong learning information of the inside of this
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Lifelong learning information network

Lifelong learning information network

With lifelong learning

We have waking, heart in consciousness as social member through bringing up feelings to get close to other people wealthily widely while each one planning own enhancement, and searching purpose of life and are confidence as human being and the working that is supported to boast, and is going to raise oneself still more.


We established Kanazawa lifelong learning bank

We began reporting to be able to obtain information of lecturer, leader and activity group of the field with interest interest easily.
For more details, please see "Kanazawa lifelong learning bank".

We established Kanazawa home training site

We placed information about home training of Kanazawa-shi in a mass and established "Kanazawa home training site".
For more details, look at "Kanazawa home training site".

Information for 2018 Coming-of-Age Ceremony

[the date]  
 From Saturday, January 12, 2019 to 14th Monday (holiday)  ※The held date and time, venue varies according to districts.
 Each district Public hall
[target person]  
 It is person with resident registration in Motoichi as of birth, September 1, 2018 between April 2, 1998 (Heisei 10) and April 1, 1999 (Heisei 11)
※Notice is sent of by Public hall of district living only in with resident registration in Motoichi in around November as of September 1, 2018.
※When there are special circumstances "to have transferred to the suburbs with entrance into a school of higher grade, employment, but to want to attend at Coming-of-Age Ceremony of district with the parents' house", "we are living in the city now, but want to attend at Coming-of-Age Ceremony of district where we lived in before" (oneself was born and raised) may attend at Coming-of-Age Ceremony of applicable district. For details, please refer to Public hall of district in hope of participation directly.

We devised guideline about home training and Kanazawa-shi home training promotion program

We installed Kanazawa-shi home training promotion social gathering to become nuclear family, and to examine the way of home training that Motoichi should aim at based on social environmental change to dilute connection with area and we crossed in four times by the end of 2016 and repeated discussions.
We received "proposal about promotion of home training in Kanazawa-shi" submitted to from the social gathering, and guideline about home training devised "Kanazawa-shi home training promotion program" that systematized "eight advice to bring up child at home" and home training promotion measure.

We devised Kanazawa-shi lifelong learning promotion basic plan

 Because "new Kanazawa-shi lifelong learning promotion plan" that was the second plan that we devised for promotion of lifelong learning of Motoichi in March, 2006 (from 2006 to 27) passed in Kanazawa-shi Education Committee in ten years during plan period, in September, 2015, we stood on result of citizen's attitude survey and devised "Kanazawa-shi lifelong learning promotion basic plan" that clarified figure or measure that lifelong learning for the next ten years (from 2016 to 37) should aim at as new plan corresponding to revision of education-related law and change of recent society environment.

 It cooperates with citizen's all of you, company or affiliate and cooperates and will act for promotion of promotion and lifelong learning of measure of this plan. I would like your understanding and cooperation.

We performed development of "new Kanazawa-shi lifelong learning promotion plan middle review".

We devised "new Kanazawa-shi lifelong learning promotion plan" that was current plan as plan of period from 2006 to 2015 of 10 years based on idea of Kanazawa citizens' charter, but, in the plan latter half, we revised a part of act plan to cope with changes such as social conditions after plan development including experience of the Great East Japan Earthquake and performed the middle review.

March, 2012

[middle review]


With lifelong learning

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FAX number: 076-220-2488

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