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Kanazawa-shi citizen University course

With citizen University course

Through lecture by celebrities and well-informed person playing an active part in the front line of various fields, each citizen learns contemporary theme, and put on top of one another with own dream and will and hold for the purpose of being a chance to take action.

University course civic in 2020

Theme: We will stare at charm of Kanazawa simply because it is new Kanazawa - now


   We released the third course!
   Shinya Yamamura of Kanazawa College of Arts's professor where lecturer is Akimasa Ikeda and teacher of crafts artist. 
     Listener is Ichiko Araki of Kanazawa craft business creation system's executive managing director.
   By builder and filler way of Traditional craft to "the new Kanazawa world. Challenge of young lacquer art writer.
   Please watch.

       The third lecture to "the new Kanazawa world. Challenge of young lacquer art writer"

Akimasa Ikeda Shinya Yamamura
↑The seeing and hearing is Clik! with this image

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 * About the seeing and hearing on DVD

  Those whom we wish to watch on DVD can watch at library corner of Izumino Library.
  In addition, at Lifelong Learning Department window, we rent DVD.

   [the use procedure for Lifelong Learning Department window DVD]
    Period that we can take advantage of: One week (if we borrow on Monday until next Monday)
    The available number of sheets: In 1 individual or 1 group until each one piece of time
    Rental and return :Only in the Lifelong Learning Department window (as for the mail, impossible)
            Please fill out receptionist book at window.
    Expense in case of the use: Free of charge
    ・Please contact Lifelong Learning Department for the rental situation beforehand.
     (number is limited and may not loan)

    ★For more details, please refer to Lifelong Learning Department (telephone 220-2441).



From the bank of the first Imperial Palace to Kanazawa. Pleasing national crafts building

Masahiro Karasawa (Director national crafts)

<course contents>

     Charm of store product and building of national crafts building which moved to Kanazawa,
   Pleasing national crafts building including the highlight of exhibition
   It is contents clogged up a lot.
   In visited, it is visited prior preparations for lessons from now on
     To done person of appreciation see by all means, and listen to look back
   ◆Listener: Rui Sasaki (member of Mt. Kanazawa east-southeast crafts studio specialty)

We learn from new member who is not seized with the second limit. Skill in work in Kanazawa

MEGUMI (actress, talent, manager)      Ryuichi Echigo (creator)

<course contents>

  We came to process and Kanazawa after starting work in Kanazawa and felt
  It is go wa in charm, lifestyle and sense of values of town
  Two nokorema including way of working that turned sete
  A lot of experience in this is talked about.
  With hint to think about way of life and way of working in the future
  You do, and please watch.

To the Kanazawa world of the third new member. Challenge of young lacquer art writer

Ikeda Yamamura
Akimasa Ikeda (crafts artist)    Shinya Yamamura (Kanazawa College of Arts's professor)

<course contents>

  Of lacquer art by fusion of traditional technique and modern technique
  The new beauty. * of small factory in town supporting work production
  e which opens up living-in-nado, the future of Traditional craft
  Sense becomes contents clogged up.
  By leading figure of Traditional craft succeed at the world level
      In story of manufacturing, it is seeing and hearing kudasa by all means
  ◆Listener: Ichiko Araki
   (Kanazawa craft business creation system's executive managing director)


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