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Youth Kanazawa official approval

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What is youth Kanazawa official approval?

We learn from primary schoolchild and junior high students about Kanazawa, and youth Kanazawa official approval is official approval that was made to have you love Kanazawa. Certification examination makes questions from fields such as the history and culture, nature, industry, town development, great man of Kanazawa.

About certification examination

Official approval day Wednesday, August 22, 2018
Official approval time In the morning (45 minutes)
 ※It varies according to official approval venues.
Official approval venue Elementary and junior high school in group undergoing an examination Kanazawa-shi
 ※Please inquire whether group undergoing an examination is carried out at each school.

Personal undergoing an examination Education Plaza Togashi
     Tamagawa Children's Library 
 ※In the case of official approval vote sending, we will tell about personal undergoing an examination venue.
Object Primary schoolchild (4-6 years student), junior high student
 ※The city, the suburbs do not matter
 ※Please apply for one of protector that undergoing an examination is hoped for in personal undergoing an examination venue with predetermined application.
Questions are We make questions from revised edition (the October, 2012 publication) mainly in "the child Kanazawa-shi history".

The way of study

About "child Kanazawa-shi history" revised edition

We are put in library of Kanazawa City elementary and junior high school. In addition, we read there and can borrow as it is in Tamagawa Children's Library, Izumino Library, sea mirai library.
(we can purchase at Municipal Information Counter in Kanazawa City Hall and bookstore in Kanazawa-shi.)

Point up study law

As all the past problems appear in page of youth Kanazawa official approval of Kanazawa-shi official homepage "iine Kanazawa", please refer to.

Questions form Small school edition, junior high student version together choosing one-style 50 questions (45 minutes)
Undergoing an examination charges Free of charge
Belonging Undergoing an examination vote, writing utensils (black lead writing brush or mechanical pencil, eraser)
Authorized standard One hundred perfect score authorizes to "primary schoolchild youth Kanazawa doctor junior high student youth Kanazawa doctor"!
90 points or more issue gold card.
80 points or more issue silver card.
70 points or more issue bronze card.
It commends most excellent undergoing an examination student for this official approval.
It commends most excellent group undergoing an examination school for this official approval.
Result announcement We notify all the people of undergoing an examination in the end of September, 2018 (plan).
Others While undergoing an examination of more than 90 (gold card) is raw, we assist examination fee (500 yen) of the Kanazawa official approval beginner's class to applicant.
 ※One where has been already passed in the Kanazawa official approval beginner's class is inapplicable.


About application

Group undergoing an examination We apply to elementary and junior high school in Kanazawa-shi
 ※Please inquire whether group undergoing an examination is carried out at each school.
Personal undergoing an examination
Application period It must arrive by from Tuesday, June 12 to Friday, July 20
Application in elementary and junior high school in Kanazawa-shi is possible from Friday, June 1.


Education Committee Lifelong Learning Section Lifelong Learning Department
Phone number 076-220-2441
FAX number: 076-220-2488

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