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The present position: TopIt is played sports child care, education of the inside of thisIt is educated impaired child, student of the inside of this
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Education for the disabled children and students

Environment that impaired children can learn brightly

Entering school of impaired child, student


School Instructor Department 076-220-2449

Please refer in there being special support classes, tsukyuyubidokyoshitsu in special support school and elementary and junior high school as place that impaired child, student learns.

Special support classes for impaired child, student and tsukyuyubidokyoshitsu

Elementary and junior high school Special support classes tsukyuyubidokyoshitsu
 Intellectual disabilityAutism, Emotional handicapThe crippledSickly Physical feeblenessClassroom of wordskikoeno classroomLD, ADHD classroom
Izumi elementary school     
Nakamuramachi Elementary School    
11 shop Elementary School   
Izumino Elementary School     
Shintatemachi Elementary School    
Kikukawa-cho Elementary School     
Kodatsuno elementary school   
Kenroku elementary school    
Center Elementary School       
Central small, hosaifunko   
Nagatamachi elementary school     
Meisei Elementary School    
Moroemachi Elementary School    
Baba Elementary School      
Moriyamacho Elementary School     
Asano-cho Elementary School     
Kosaka Elementary School     
Chisaka Elementary School     
Setting sun temple Elementary School     
Oura Elementary School     
Asano River Elementary School     
Kuratsuki elementary school    
Onocho Elementary School      
Kokumachi Elementary School     
Midas Elementary School     
Toita elementary school     
Green elementary school     
Oshino Elementary School     
Yonemaru Elementary School     
Three horse elementary schools     
Togashi Elementary School     
Nuka elementary school   
Uchikawa elementary school     
Saigawa Elementary School     
Yuwaku elementary school       
Higashiasakawa elementary school       
Tagami elementary school     
Iouzen elementary school      
Morimoto Elementary School     
Hanazono elementary school      
Hudouji elementary school     
Mitani elementary school      
Minamikodatsuno elementary school     
Hushimidai elementary school     
Ougidai elementary school    
Kibikino elementary school    
Miwa Elementary School     
Nagasakadai elementary school      
Shinkanda Elementary School     
Seinanbu elementary school     
Yonaizumi elementary school     
Shijima elementary school     
West Elementary School     
Ysuhara elementary school    
Morinosato elementary school    
Izumi junior high school   
Noda junior high school     
Jounan junior high school     
Shikindai junior high school
Kenroku junior high school     
*gakufunko out of Koshoumachi     
Takaoka junior high school     
Naruwa Junior High School     
School out of Nagata    
Asano River Junior High School     
Metal and stone tools junior high school     
Shibahara junior high school       
Seinanbu junior high school     
Uchikawa junior high school      
Saisei junior high school     
Iouzen junior high school       
Morimoto Junior High School     
Nuka junior high school      
Takaodai Junior High School      
Green junior high school     
Port Junior High School     
Hokumei junior high school     
Midas Junior High School     
Seisen junior high school      

School (special support school) for impaired child, student

School name Intellectual disability The crippled Sickly Physical feebleness Visual impairment Hearing loss
Special support school attached to Kanazawa University human being sociology area school pedagogy    
Prefectural Ishikawa special support school   
The prefectural Buddha of Healing special support school    
Prefectural Meiwa special support school   
Prefectural blind school    
Prefectural deaf school    


Education Committee Academic Training Section School Instructor Department
Phone number 076-220-2436
FAX number: 076-223-4602

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