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The present position: TopIt is played sports child care, education of the inside of thisChild of the inside watches of this; volunteer
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Child watches; volunteer



1. Kanazawa-shi child watches; with volunteer

To plan improvement of ensuring safety of child student and safety management of campus, in the attending school roads of child student "watch child, and is with volunteer" by citizen volunteer who watch child which registered based on following 3(2), and joins volunteer group to watch, and to perform activities.

2. Child watches; volunteer activity contents

  1. Of child student at the time of commuting to and from school watch and is gone around attending school road
  2. Report to schools when we discovered suspicious individuals at the time of patrol
  3. Activity about ensuring safety of other child students and school

3. Procedure on child watching, and registering volunteer

  1. Child watches, and representative of group which child watches, and applies for volunteer group submits volunteer registration application to the principal
  2. When we confirm contents of submitted application and child watches and decided volunteer group, child watches, and the principal submits copying of volunteer registration application to Education Committee Educational Department

4. What Education Committee watches child and supports for volunteer

  1. We lend the best for activity and name card case   
  2. Participation procedure to accident insurance that child watches and assumes volunteer person insured
  3. Admit that other Education Committee is necessary


Education Committee Academic Training Section Educational Department
Phone number 076-220-2431
FAX number: 076-260-7195

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