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Recruitment of clinical residents


Kanazawa Municipal Hospitals

Kanazawa Municipal Hospitals appearance photograph
Update day: November 21, 2018 update

Opening of a Diet session of Kanazawa Municipal Hospitals is from 8:30 on weekdays.
(House of shut day for Saturdays, Sundays and holidays and from December 29 to January 3)
(Traffic guidance, map is this

Update information

Product for people of the next hospital

Product for people of company

Product for people of medical institution, care engine

Kanazawa Municipal Hospitals internal medicine specialist training program

We publish Kanazawa Municipal Hospitals internal medicine specialist training program. Because publication contents are just contents at the time of primary examination by the Japanese Society of Internal Medicine, publication contents may become change, correction based on the second examination.

Job Opportunities

News from other hospitals


Report of evaluation of the achievement situation of plan (H24 - H28) and new Kanazawa Municipal Hospitals management plan (H29 - H32) completed at the Kanazawa Municipal Hospitals new middle. (March 31, 2017 update)

Hospital information

Hospitality art project


"Credit card payment" is possible about medical treatment costs foreign than March, 2017.

Calculation method of hospitalized care costs was changed from July 1, 2010.


Kanazawa Municipal Hospitals (main)
Phone number 076-245-2600
FAX number: 076-245-2690

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