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The present position: TopDisaster prevention of the inside is safe of thisOf this for flood of the inside
We display page for print

For flood

In the case of thing and heavy rain that we always prepared for for flood, we collected necessary information on this page.
In addition, we promote general river improvement measures in Kanazawa-shi. We introduce the approach.

We check water level of rainy state and river

Kanazawa Rainfall Forecast
Kanazawa Rainfall Forecast (image)

Water level of precipitation and river, water in Kanazawa-shi
We can confirm.
In addition, to cell-phone and PC weather information
We can deliver by mail.

Preparations for refuge and the preparation from usual times

Self-defense flood control

We install prevention of rainwater retention tank and inundation facilities

Approach for town development resisting flood

We check the past inundation damage

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Civil Engineering Division Internal Water Maintenance Department
Phone number 076-220-2341
FAX number: 076-220-2476

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