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The present position: TopIt is house, traffic, town development of the inside of thisIt is road of the inside of thisIt is planned the road snow removing by this
We display page for print

The road snow removing plan

The snow removing plan line

Removed snow ground

Accumulated snow information

Supporting relations

Request from the snow-removal work headquarters

The snow removing supplier introduction

Roof snow  lowering supplier

Public transport link

The snow removing allotment

 About city street, we clear of snow by the next role allotment.
The snow removing allotment Line
CityThe snow removing line that was set beforehand
CitizenCommunity road and the sidewalk except the snow removing line necessary to live under daily life, fire hydrant neighborhood
School, officeAttending school road except the snow removing line and around road necessary for facility use

The road snow removing system

Line Characteristic of road Dispatch standard Extension
(883,278m in total)
The first lineHighway, bus routeCommission supplier is almost the voluntary snow removing at Accumulated snow around 10cm443,520m
The second lineMain road in areaWe are almost placed an order in Accumulated snow 15cm or more by commission supplier389,423m
The third lineCity area roadWe almost order from removed snow work and laying upon commission supplier in Accumulated snow 60cm or more50,335m
※We perform review of the snow removing line in consideration of completion of highway, new establishment of bus route and change every year and plan securing of traffic of major road.

The snow removing plan route map

You can confirm the snow removing route map from Kanazawa-shi various map portal site "town development support information system".

The snow removing route map (school bottom, districts)

The snow removing route map (whole city)

Request from the Kanazawa-shi snow-removal work headquarters

Kanazawa-shi snow-removal work headquarters leaflet list

The back of Kanazawa-shi snow-removal work headquarters leaflet


Civil Engineering Division Road Control Department
Phone number 076-220-2321
FAX number: 076-220-2274
[email protected]

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