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The present position: TopDisaster prevention of the inside is safe of thisIt is Cliff area countermeasure of the inside of this
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Let's be careful about cliff area disasters

  • Disaster prevention measures when there are "natural slope" or "retaining wall" in site of self and the outskirts
  • The subsidy furtherance when we perform disaster prevention construction of cliff area


  • About the earth and sand disaster (collapse, mud flood, landslide of steep slope)
  • About the earth and sand disaster hazard map


  • Consultation about housing land development construction
  • About application about permission of construction based on the regulation method such as housing land development


State just after disaster occurrence
State just after disaster occurrence

State of disaster restoration
State of disaster restoration


Civil Engineering Division Road Construction Department Cliff Area Management Department
Phone number 076-220-2612
FAX number: 076-260-6921

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