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House synthesis homepage

Main image: Kanazawa lives, and does circulation not live town 1 degree to learn?

Let's live in Kanazawa. Link banner

 "Let's live in Kanazawa." This is portal site for one where emigration to Kanazawa and house in two areas are hoped for. We introduce house and information of work, emigration event.

Under Mizuki housing complex residential land sale

What's New

1.Approach for house

2.Support system for house

House support system brochure "susume of Kanazawa house" for 2019 (Portable Document Format: 4,890 kbytes)PDF file

New system to start certification application acceptance from October, 2019 is published. Until the end of September, please use system of publication in version brochure in lower 2018.

House support system brochure "susume of Kanazawa house" in 2018 for

System of publication is available in this brochure until the end of September, 2019.
Certification application reception desk: The end of September, 2019
Grant application reception desk: The end of March, 2020 (only for ready-built house article until March, 2021)

Summary, application documents downloading (for after 2017 certification application)

Summary, application documents downloading (for 2016 certification application)

3.External link



Urban Development Division Permanent Residence Promotion Department Housing Policy Department
Phone number 076-220-2136
FAX number: 076-222-5119

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