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The present position: TopIt is house, traffic, town development of the inside of thisIt is built the inside of thisFrom this about indication of roof snow lowering
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About indication of roof snow lowering

Indication of roof snow lowering

 Let's examine roof snow lowering of wooden house using value of the next table as an indication.

4.5cm *4.5cm, rafter distance is 45cm rafter dimensions, depth of lingering snow in the case of less than 20cm

Dimensions of appearance of edge of the eaves The progress number of years (back several years old) after we build
Rear less than 14 years old From rear 15 years old to 34 years From rear 35 years old to 54 years More than rear 54 years old
About 40cm 100cm90cm80cm60cm
About 50cm 90cm80cm65cm50cm
About 60cm 70cm60cm50cm40cm

※The indication mentioned above premises house of traditional method of construction had maintenance of in healthy state.
You think about the individual situation including depth of house and lingering snow, and please keep early snow removing in mind.
※Even if depth of roof snow is more shallow than number of indication, sliding storm door and a sliding paper door and housing part do not open and close smoothly and,
When there is creak of building, let's do snow removing early.
※"Winding sause" will remove "snow which protruded" and "icicle" early on the tip of the eaves once.

Figure of roof snow  lowering of wooden house

Reference about roof snow lowering

 When you are looking for supplier performing roof snow lowering, there is not specialized supplier of roof snow lowering, but you have you ask each group about supplier who is available for the following group in joined supplier in what there is, or ask member supplier published in homepage of each group directly.

Group name Homepage address Telephone
 Association of Kanazawa construction industry
 Kanazawa-shi building society http://kanaken.dreama.jp/076-263-7058
 Ishikawa tile construction cooperative http://www.kawara-ishikawa.jp/
 Ishikawa landscape gardening business cooperative http://isizou.jp/076-291-8360
 ※On Saturday, Sundays and holidays, telephone correspondence in each group point mentioned above is not possible.
  (we cope until from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. only on weekdays)
 ※Please note that you may not cope by the Accumulated snow situation.
 ※Roof snow lowering with supplier of request is contracted directly.
  Please ask for price or condition after confirmation to supplier beforehand.


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