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The present position: TopIt is house, traffic, town development of the inside of thisIt is built the inside of this
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Update information

  • We expanded Kanazawa-shi danger wall made of blocks removing assistance system. Detailed H30.9.18
  • We devised Kanazawa-shi house earthquake resistance emergency promotion action program. Detailed H30.8.20
  • Please check concrete walls made of blocks in the land.

H30.6.22 detailed     about checkpoint of check of wall made of blocks

  • H29.4.1 detailed about conformity duty of the building energy saving method and report
  • Legal bulletin system about rationalization of use of energy is abolished. Detailed H29.4.1
  • We announced result of earthquake-resistant diagnosis of emergency security confirmation large-scale construction thing required. Detailed H29.2.8
  • We updated information with partial change of periodical investigation, inspection report system. Detailed H28.6.1
  • H28.4.1 detailed about authorization of the building energy saving method
  • We added completion inspection check seat, style of report based on Building Standard Act Article 12 Paragraph 5 to application download page newly. Detailed H28.4.1
  • We updated part of confirmation application check list of application download page. Detailed H28.4.1
  • H27.6.1 detailed structure calculation compatibility judgment accompanied with Building Standard Act revision about changes of going through the procedure
  • Confirmation application style is changed from June 1, 2015. New style [Ishikawa homepage]

Page that is used well

Business content, contact information

Application downloading

List of fees

Town development support information system

Building certification application

Earthquake-resistant repair business, supporting system

Various procedures

Authorization about building

Proof, reading about building

Other procedures

Regulation about building

 Town development support information system (we can search various regulation every area)

Consultation of building



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FAX number: 076-220-2134

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