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The present position: TopIt is house, traffic, town development of the inside of thisIt is readjusted the division of the inside of thisIt is Article 76 permission application from this
We display page for print

Article 76 permission application


For extended prevention of new coronavirus infectious disease, we can mail Article 76 permission application for the duration.

■Notice matter at the time of mail application
  • Expenses such as the postage to affect mail assume applicant burden.
  • Application by mail, please use the handling service of letter service.
    (please see "guidelines on letter" (Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications HP) in detail.)
  • When reply by mail is hoped for, please enclose self-addressed envelope.
    (you fill in return address, and please stick stamp for reply.)
 〒920-8577 1-1-1, Hirosaka, Kanazawa-shi (in the case of zip code mention, omissible address)
            Kanazawa City Hall Urban Regeneration Department expectation

We will change application procedure (flow) of "Article 76 permission application" and "report of city planning" to reduce burden of application procedure from April 1, 2013.

For details, please see than the following.

About Article 76 permission application

When land readjustment project enforcement district in Kanazawa-shi is inner (disposal of replotting finished is excluded) and performs the next act, by regulations of land adjustment method Article 76 Paragraph 1, please receive permission of Mayor Kanazawa.

  • New construction, reconstruction of building, workpiece or the enlargement
  • Change of form and essence of land
  • Weight is setting of article more than 5 tons or sedimentation
    (thing which becomes with 5 tons or less of weight of each divided part each is excluded)

Land readjustment project enforcement district where permission application is necessary for

Documents necessary for permission application

  Application documents Style file Remarks
1 Permission application
  • Please fill out exactly so that there are not Attached document and difference.
2 Statement of position of enforcer
(the original)
We issue in land readjustment association
  • Please attach thing which received grant in the land readjustment association concerned.
3 Temporary substitute lot certificate
Reservation place certificate (the original)
We issue in land readjustment association
  • Please attach thing which received grant in the land readjustment association concerned.
  • Please attach temporary substitute lot figure and position figure.
4 Use of land consent form
(the original)
  • When rightful claimant of land is different from applicant, it is necessary.
    (even copy of land sales contract, lease, register certified copy is possible.)
5 Farmland conversion acceptance notification
City Agricultural Committee
We tell this
  • In the case of field, field, the conventional ground comes to need submission.
6 Written oath (copying)Land readjustment association
We submit to this
  • Please submit copy of written oath which you submitted to association.
7 Drawing relations
  • Plan
  • Ground plan
  • Elevation
  • Figure of building mensuration
  • In plan, please specify border simple cross section.
  • Please fill in dimensions from outer wall to border to plan or elevation.
  • Please fill out so that there is not difference with the area of application and the drawing.
  • Please assume plottage area listed in temporary substitute lot or reservation place certificate.
    (when association proves in decision measurement finished, it becomes the area.)
8 Written consent of abutter
(the original)
  • When applicant founds retaining wall becoming border, submission is necessary.
    But by association when have been constructed, and found adjacent to retaining wall, is unnecessary.
Explanation material (Portable Document Format: 77 kbytes)pdf ※Downloading of explanation material clicks the left

Submission and the number of copies of permission application

Kanazawa City Hall Urban Development Division Urban Regeneration DepartmentCopy
(submitting similar application to the association concerned one copy)
Reference TEL: 076-220-2675 FAX: 076-222-5119


Urban Development Division Urban Regeneration Department
Phone number 076-220-2675
FAX number: 076-222-5119
[email protected]

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