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City tree insect pest (American small Arctiidae chadokuga)

Let's protect tree from insect pest (American small Arctiidae, chadokuga)!

The present outbreak situation
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Prevention of chadokuga

As intense itch and rash appear when we touch sting hair (white small hair), attention is necessary. We introduce many trees of damage by chadokuga and life, prevention method.

Prevention of American small Arctiidae

We introduce many trees of damage due to American small Arctiidae and life, point, method of pest control.

Private land prevention, subsidy program

About private land prevention ask, and introduce subsidy program, district prevention counselor of Kanazawa-shi about prevention.

About chemical spray

We are on the basis of pest control, but perform minimum chemical spray when it is judged that it is effective.

Influence of use of pesticides

There is concern about use of pesticides having an influence on surrounding environment, the animals and plants, human being. We introduce influence of use of pesticides and "use of pesticides in residential areas".


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FAX number: 076-224-5046

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