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Procedure such as building acts in city planning area

When you perform construction such as buildings in area where building rule was established in city planning, please attach predetermined notification form to design documents and send to city within 30 days before day when you start construction.
In addition, when you accompany building confirmation application, please file for notification before confirmation application.

1. Actions that require notification

  1. Change of land parcel traits
  2. construction of building or public works
  3. Change of use such as buildings
  4. Change of form or design such as buildings
  5. Cutting wood and bamboo

2. Documents required for notification (1 copy submitted)

[Common] ※: ◎ - - always required - - - attached as needed
  Documents Notes and Remarks
1 Notification formYou must submit a report at least 30 days before you start the act.
2 neighborhood sketch of buildingSpecify where the notification location can be identified
3 Placement of buildingsThe retreat distance of the wall surface is not the distance to the core of the pillar, but the distance to the wall surface is specified.
4. Floor plan of building 
5 Elevation of buildingsEnter two or more colored drawings and Munsell values.
6 cross section of buildingSpecify the highest height
7 Land Use AgreementWhen conducting development activities, including the site of another person
8 Power of AttorneyIf you have a substitute's Report
9 Length or quadrature mapWhen area calculation base is required
10 Longitudinal section and cross section of siteWhen the height difference of the site is large
11 Structure of advertising materialsWhen setting up outdoor advertisements
12 Structure diagrams of fences, fences or fencesSpecify the cross section (when installing fences, fences or fences, etc.)

Please make the drawing less than A3 version as much as possible.

[In the district where a certification application is required]
  Documents Notes and Remarks
13 Set of certification application documentsAbout necessary documents, please refer to application procedure of building acts (act pertaining to form design) in city planning area.

※Parkside Shijima, Minami Morimoto, Takayanagi, Etown Kanazawa, Garden City Kosaka district, Okawabata district, northern part of Fukutoshin Naoe district, northern part of Fukutoshin Otomo town 10-chome district. Sunshine Minami Morimoto II district, Matsumura area, Sunshine Minami Morimoto area, Kanazawa Morimoto Inter Industrial Park, Hirooka 3-chome and former Toita Elementary School District is targeted for 15 districts.

[In the land readjustment enforcement area]
  Documents Notes and Remarks
14 Application of Article 76 of the Land Readjustment ActUrban Regeneration Department staff confirmation seal

[Window] : Kanazawa City Urban Regeneration Department, Kanazawa City Hall 3F Tel 220-2675
Notification of notification flow change of "Article 76 permission application" and "Notification of city planning"

[Wakamatsu, Suzumi district in Kanazawa city]
[Western Taiyougaoka Excluding Land Readjustment Project Enforcement Area)]
  Documents Notes and Remarks
15 Consent or consent form of union or other activitiesA copy is required (window: each office)


  • Kanazawa Wakamatsu and Suzumi districts: NPO Kanazawa Morinosato Kanazawa City Wakamatsucho 3-281 Tel 222-7730 (we accept only in the morning of Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday)
  • Taiyogaoka West Area: Taiyo Planning Co., Ltd. Taiyogaoka 2-chome, Kanazawa City (Information Center) Tel 223-5516
[Kanazawa Seibu Kanazawa Station Port Line, Kanazawa Seibu East District, Kanazawa Seibu West District]
[Kuratsuki district Kanazawa station port line, Kuratsukihigashi district, Kuratsuki west district]
[Kanazawa West Second District]
  Documents Notes and Remarks
16 Letter of consent for city planningUrban Plan Department land readjustment Group, Civil Engineering Department, Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan

[Window] : land readjustment Group, Urban Plan Department, Civil Engineering Department, Ishikawa Prefecture (Prefectural Office, 16th floor) Tel 225-1799

3. Notification and application forms


For inquiries

Urban Development Division-Urban Plan Department
Phone number: 076-220-2351
FAX number: 076-222-5119
[email protected]

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