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Current position: TopHousing, transportation and community developmentCity planning inNotification of land transactions based on Article 23, Paragraph 1 of the National Land Use Planning Act
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Notification of land transactions based on Article 23, Paragraph 1 of the National Land Use Planning Act

The National Land Use Planning Act establishes a notification system for land transactions in order to ensure proper and rational land use. When we do land transaction (including reservation) more than fixed area, report is necessary for Kanazawa-shi.
This system was revised in September 1998. As a general rule, it is a post-report system after contract City incontract.

1. Land transactions requiring notification

Transaction form

  • Sale
  • Exchange
  • Sales transfer
  • paid off
  • transfer of Shareholders
  • Establishment of land rights and leases, or transfer
  • transfer of Reservation Completed Right and Repurchase Right

※This includes the case where these transactions are reserved.

a group of land transactions

Even if the transaction area of each individual is small, a notification is required if the total land for which the right acquirer (buyer in the case of buying and selling) acquires the right exceeds a certain area (→ "group of buyers"). is.
However, this does not apply if the parties are countries.

seller (Land) Buyer

If (A + A + C) exceeds the size of the transaction (area requirement), a notification is required.

Transaction size (area requirements)

1) Urbanization area More than 2,000 square meters
2) Urbanization adjustment area More than 5,000 square meters
3) Area outside the city planning area 10,000 square meters or more

2. Notification items

  1. Full Name, address, etc. of the contracting party
  2. Date of contract
  3. Land location and area
  4. Type and content of land rights
  5. Land Use Purpose
  6. Nuka, etc.

3. Please attach two copies of the following books for the notification form.

  1. Copy of contracts for land sales, etc.
  2. Topographic map (location map) showing the location of land
  3. Drawings that clarify the land and surrounding conditions (mountain situation map)…Housing guide map, etc.
  4. Drawings that clarify the shape of the land (public maps, etc.)
  5. Drawing showing how to measure the actual land area (attached in the case of buying and selling based on the measured area)

4. About after notification

The mayor who received the notification examines the purpose of use of the land, and if the purpose of use does not conform to the announced plan for land use, recommends a change in the purpose of use within three weeks after notification in principle. (If there is an extension notice from the examination body, the extended period within 6 weeks).
If you do not follow the recommendations, so to that effect and may disclose the contents of the recommendations.
In addition, about purpose of use of land, we may give necessary advice to plan appropriate and rational land use.
We do not provide guidance or recommendations on transaction prices.

5. Notification and application forms

For inquiries

Urban Development Division-Urban Plan Department
Phone number: 076-220-2351
FAX number: 076-222-5119
[email protected]

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