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City planning table

※We reviewed operation standard of city planning. The new standard will be applied from April 2018.
Notification of notification flow change of "Article 76 permission application" and "Notification of city planning"

City planning

With city planning,

Contents and area of city planning

Operational standards for city planning (PDF format: 410 kbytes)PDF file

Report such as building acts in city planning area

Authorization application such as building acts in city planning area

(Parkside Shijima area, Minamimorimoto area, Takayanagi area, E-Town Kanazawa area), Garden City Kosaka district, Okawabata district, northern part of Fukutoshin Naoe district, northern part of Fukutoshin Otomo district, Yoneizumi-cho 10-chome district. Sunshine Minami Morimoto II district, Matsumura District, Kanazawa Morimoto Inter Industrial Park District, Hirooka 3-chome district, former Toita elementary school district, Wood Park Shinbohan Youkaichi district, Irie 3-chome area)

Report flow

Ordinance on drafting procedures such as Kanazawa city planning

The regulations about restrictions such as buildings in area such as Kanazawa-shi city planning

For inquiries

Urban Development Division-Urban Plan Department
Phone number: 076-220-2351
FAX number: 076-222-5119
[email protected]

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