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Land price information

1. With land price information

To objective indication to judge the appropriate price of land and thing that it is, there are declared land value and land price investigation on performing general land transaction and valuation of property.
Circumstances various by person trading land and there is often motive such circumstances as for the transaction price is apt to depend for motive, but price of declared land value, land price investigation shows price per 1 square meter that it is thought that special circumstances of each are usually established in the business that is free in the removed free business.

2. About difference between declared land value and land price investigation

  Declared land value Land price investigation
Grounds laws and ordinancesThe declared land value method (Article 2 Paragraph 1)Country use plan law enforcement order (Article 9 Paragraph 1)
Conduct organizationThe Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Land Appraisal CommitteePrefectural governors
Investigation start year19701975
Name of pricePosted priceStandard price
Name of pointThe standard groundStandard place
Basic date of price judgmentJanuary 1July 1
Publication timeThe end of AprilThe end of September

3. Declared land value and land price investigation of Kanazawa-shi

4. About reading of declared land value and land price investigation

We can read declared land value and land price investigation at the following place.

  • Kanazawa City Hall Urban Plan Department (city hall main government building the third floor)
  • Kanazawa City Hall Municipal Information Counter (city hall main government building the fourth floor)
  • Tamagawa Library, Izumino Library, Kanazawa Umimirai Library
  • Each civic center, each citizen service corner

Reading book

  Declared land value Land price investigation
1. 2015 Ishikawa declared land value price2015 Ishikawa land price report of investigation (standard price)
2. 2015 declared land value (national version)2015 Ishikawa land price investigation standard place guide map

※ But it is 1 at each inhabitants service corner each civic center. Chisel


Urban Development Division Urban Plan Department
Phone number 076-220-2351
FAX number: 076-222-5119

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