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Changes in city limits

 (Unit km2)

When moving, transfer area Transferred area Area after transfer
April 1, 1889 Municipal organization enforcement10.40
January 1, 1924 First Boundary Change0.2110.61
Part of Izumino, Nomura, Ishikawa-gun0.21-
April 1, 1925 First transfer6.2116.82
Ishikawa-gun Nomura6.21-
April 10, 1925 Second transfer3.2320.005
Yumitorimura, Ishikawagun3.23-
December 16, 1935 Third transfer31.5051.55
Togashimura, Ishikawagun14.01-
4th transfer on April 1, 193639.169071
Sakiuramura, Ishikawagun7.24-
Kosakamura, Kahokugun27.44
5th transfer on October 1, 19435.5096.21
Itamura, Koozu, Ishikawa5.50-
The sixth transfer on December 1, 194314.8811.09
Kanaishicho, Ishikawagun1.40-
May 3, 1947 Second Boundary Change3.07114.16
Mitani-mura, Kahokugun3.07-
The 7th transfer on June 1, 19497.94112.10
Koorigawa, Kahoku Kitamura7.94-
July 1, 1954 The 8th transfer181.66303.76
Ysuharamura, Ishikawa-6.68-
When moving, transfer area Transferred area Area after transfer
9th transfer on January 1, 19566.03309.79
Oshinomura, Ishikawagun6.03-
April 5, 1957 The 10th Transfer83.61393.40
Asakawamura, Kahokugun83.61-
April 10, 1957 Third Boundary Change△2.06391.34
Part of Oshino district (to Nonoichi-cho, Ishikawa-gun)△2.06-
The 11th transfer on June 1, 196267.44458.78
Morihonmachi, Kahoku-gun67.44-
July 30, 1965 Reclaimed part of Kahokugata, July 19650.12458.90
October 27, 1967 Partial Landfill in Kahokugata, October 27, 19670.28459.18
April 1, 1968 Boundary change with Nonoichi town0.01459.19
March 1, 1969 Boundary change with Nonoichi town0.02459.21
March 2, 1971 Partial Landfill in Kahokugata 2nd March, 19710.10459.31
February 1, 1980 Boundary change with Nonoichi town0459.31
May 13, 1980 Public water reclamation adjacent to Onocho 4-chome and Awagasaki-cho 4-chome0.89460.20
September 1, 1980 Boundary change with Nonoichi town0460.20
October 1, 1981 Kahokugata Reclaimed Land Boundary Determination7.89468.09
October 1, 1988 Change of measurement method△0.32467.77
March 1, 1992 Boundary change with Matsuto0.00467.77
June 1, 1996 Boundary Change with Tsubata Town0.00467.77
May 1, 1999 Boundary Change with Nonoichi Town0.00467.77
July 17, 2012 Kanaishi Kaibara Landfill0.45468.22
October 1, 2014 Change of measurement method0.42468.64
July 1, 2020 Updated Basic Map of Electronic National Land0.15468.79

Changes in city limits

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