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Kanazawa City Plan and Plan

1. Overall Initiatives

Overall Initiatives

2. Aiming at the world's "exchange base city Kanazawa"

   Aiming to become an exchange base city that grows and develops by attracting and transmitting people, goods and information by valuing individuality and improving attractiveness based on the direction of town development so far. It shows a new direction for Kanazawa for the next 10 years.

3. International Exchange Center City Kanazawa Priority Strategic Plan

In order to realize the city image of the city, "Kanazawa, an exchange base city in the world," measures to be implemented in the next 10 years will be implemented.
We have formulated a “Priority Strategic Plan” that is divided into the first, middle and second semesters and compiled as an implementation plan.

4. Kanazawa city planning master plan

The city planning master plan is formally called the "basic policy on city planning of municipalities" (hereinafter referred to as the city planning master plan), and in Article 18-2, Paragraph 1 of the City Planning Act, "Municipalities (Omitted) ) The basic policy on city planning of the relevant municipalities shall be determined. "
The contents are based on the Kanazawa World City Initiative, etc., and clarify the future image of the city in Kanazawa City, the basic direction of land use, or the layout policy of urban facilities (roads, parks, sewers, etc.). It plays a role as a comprehensive guideline.
This master plan was formulated in fiscal 1998 and reviewed in fiscal 2009.

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