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Nishi-Kanazawa Station area maintenance business

Nishi-Kanazawa Station area maintenance business

 Nishi-Kanazawa Station is located in an important position in the urban structure as a node of various public transportation such as the Hokuriku Railway Ishikawa Line, buses and taxis in addition to the JR Hokuriku Main Line. Redevelopment around the station has been strongly demanded.
 Along with the opening of the Hokuriku Shinkansen, facilities such as bridge construction and free passage of station buildings, east-west station square, and station west access road were completed in February 2015.

Business Overview

Nishi-Kanazawa Station Area Maintenance Project Overview

Overview of Major Facilities

Station West Access Road (Matsushima (Nishikanazawa Station West Access Roads L = 250 meters, W = 16 meters
10Tei, Yonaizumimachi Eyes L = 350 meters, W = 14 meters
viaduct side road No.7 L = 360 meters, W = 8.5 meters
Ekihigashihiroba A = approximately 3,200 square meters
  Shelter A = about 240 square meters, W = 2.5 meters, H = 2.6 meters
Ekinishihiroba A = approximately 3,800 square meters
  Shelter A = about 300 square meters, W = 2.5 meters, H = 2.6 meters
  bicycle-parking area N = 200 units
2, Nishikanazawa Park A = about 1,400 square meters
Free passage L = 45 meters, passage width 5 meters
  Hashigami Station Building (2nd floor) A = about 220 square meters

Overall Plans

Overall Plans

For inquiries

Urban Development Division-Urban Plan Department
Phone number: 076-220-2351
FAX number: 076-222-5119
[email protected]

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