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Community Development by Residents

The district can set its own rules for town development.

1. Residents of district play a key role and think about direction and rule of town development and make "town development plan".

  • Determine the standards for buildings, roads, land use, etc. appropriate for the district.
  • You can freely select the menu of the rules according to the characteristics of the district.
  • It can be created on a relatively small district basis that is linked to life and history.

For example, you can set the following rules:

  1. Rules of Use
    Restrict the use of the building to maintain the environment of the district and prevent the mixed use of the building.
  2. Rules of floor area ratio and building coverage ratio
    Restricted from the viewpoint of improving the living environment, landscape, and disaster prevention.
  3. Rules of Site Area
    In order to secure a good living environment and maintain the cityscape, we will set a minimum and prevent land subdivision.
  4. Rules of wall position
    From the viewpoint of improving the living environment and landscape, disaster prevention, etc., we limit the position of walls and roofs and arrange them to a certain extent.
  5. Building height rules
    In order to harmonize the cityscape and create a good environment, we limit the height of the building and arrange it to a certain extent.
  6. Building shape rules
    We restrict the shape, color, signboard, etc. of the building to improve the landscape of the district and harmonize the cityscape.
  7. Rules such as fences
    Materials and structures are determined from the viewpoint of improving the landscape, securing greenery, and preventing collapse accidents during an earthquake.

Residential exclusive use


First of all, it is important to talk about what kind of town you want to make.

  • In addition, there are obligations for greening, installation of fences and fences, designation of parking lots and entrances, and prohibition of vending machines.
  • In addition, we can establish restrictions on land use such as forest land, waterside land, maintenance of tree-lined trees, and the placement and scale of public facilities such as roads, green spaces, and open spaces.

2. And we can conclude "town development agreement (land use agreement)" with the mayor to realize this town development plan.

  • The agreement checks whether development activities such as building construction in the district are appropriate at the planning stage.

3. In this way, we aim to promote the development of a vibrant city centered on citizens appropriate for the area, and to create a unique and livable urban environment in Kanazawa.

Forms for Conclusion of Agreements

For inquiries

Urban Development Division-Urban Plan Department
Phone number: 076-220-2351
FAX number: 076-222-5119
[email protected]

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