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Current position: TopHousing, transportation and community developmentCity planning inKanazawa city center city area city function improvement plan
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Kanazawa city center city area city function improvement plan

About Kanazawa city center city area city function improvement plan

Background, Purpose and Target Area

"Why is it necessary to improve urban functions in the central city area?"
 ・Castle town Kanazawa's individuality inherits the tradition of the feudal era in the central city area.
  If the city center is not healthy, "Kanazawa and others"
  This will lead to a decline in the "Shisa".
 ・The Musashi area, which is the core of the central city area,
  In Katamachi, Kohrinbo isHirosaka has a declining population, an aging population, and an aging building.
  Issues such as redevelopment have become apparent.
 ・With the opening of the Hokuriku Shinkansen Kanazawa as an opportunity, the effect is sustainable.
  In order to further enhance the appeal of Kanazawa, the central city area (Nakanaka)
  It is necessary to improve the functions of the city.

"Main Situation and Issues"
 ・Population decline, declining birthrate and aging population
 ・Decrease in stores, offices, and sales Nuka of Sales
 ・Increase in aging houses and vacant houses
 ・Decrease in centripetal force for personal purposes
 ・Decrease in pedestrian traffic on weekdays and decrease in traffic in central city area
 ・Decrease in land price and Increase in Parking Lots and Other
 ・Decrease in public transportation, walking or cycling…etc.

Basic image

<Basic concept>
 The bustling city center is created by visiting visitors, etc.) visits the bustle of the city center. It is necessary to provide an attractive space unique to central Tokyo where visitors wants to visit.
 In order to create an attractive space, it is basically a space where everyone can gather safely, safely and happily, and can travel around (buzzing core street). In addition, by making use of urban structures such as streets and town layouts, which are unique to Kanazawa, we aim to create a continuous space for commerce and business, and to create an environment where visitors. Realizes a sustainable city center space.
 In this concept, with a view to 20 years ahead,visitors's urban space with a view to the next 20 years, and aim to rebuild the city from both hardware and software perspectives by cooperating and collaborating toward its realization. .

Plan Review System

Plan formulation system and review flow

Kanazawa city center city area city function improvement Exploratory Committee

Review results

Kanazawa city center city area city function improvement plan

For inquiries

Urban Development Division-Urban Plan Department
Phone number: 076-220-2351
FAX number: 076-222-5119
[email protected]

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