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Other Areas

1. Parking lot maintenance district

Parking lot maintenance district is district which we establish to maintain utility of road in district where automobile traffic in city area is congested and to secure smooth road traffic and promote maintenance of parking facility. When building a new building, expanding or changing the use of a building in a parking lot maintenance area, a parking lot with a scale that can park more than the number of cars determined by the "Ordinance on Parking Facilities for Buildings" on the site Must be attached. In addition, notification is necessary beforehand when we attach parking lot.

Name Area Date of plan decision
Kanazawa city center district673haH6.10.21

Parking lot maintenance district location map (Portable Document Format: 827 kbytes)pdf
※For more information, please contact Traffic Policy Department 220-2038) for more information.
Kanazawa Transportation Policy Homepage ("Parking Lot" item)

2. harbor district

The harbor area is the area specified to manage and operate the harbor.

The name of the harbor Area
() For Kanazawa
Date of plan decision Overview of Changes
Kanazawaminato 322(321)haS50.10.11New Products
328 (327) haH17.10.21Expansion of the West Area (6.3ha)
392 (391) haH20.5.16Expansion of Ohama area and north area (64ha)
400 (399)haH21.6.2.Expansion of East and South districts (8ha)
400 (399)haR3.3.26Expansion of South Area (0.5ha)

Notifications may be required in advance when establishing or expanding a factory or business site of a certain size or more in the harbor area. In addition, construction, renovation, and change of use of structures that do not meet the purpose of each branch are regulated in the branch designated at Kanazawa Port.
For more information, please contact the Ishikawa Prefectural Civil Engineering Department Port Division (225-1746).

Port area location map (2,808 kbytes)pdf
Homepage on Land Use Regulations in the Harbor Area

3. Special Green Space Conservation Area

Special green space conservation areas include green spaces that contribute to the prevention of disorderly expansion of cities, green spaces that have historical and cultural value of cities, habitats of animals and plants for ecologically friendly town development, green spaces that become habitats, etc. It is district planning maintenance.
In Motoichi, we designate as special green tract of land maintenance district based on the Urban Green Space Law to protect and bring up river terrace slope green tract of land formed along Sai River, Asano River.
For this reason, permission based on the "Urban Green Space Law" is required in advance when performing the following acts in the Special Green Space Conservation Area.

  1. New construction, renovation or extension of buildings and other structures
  2. Development of residential land, land reclamation, debris collection, mineral collection and other changes in land characteristics
  3. Cutting wood and bamboo
  4. Landfill or reclamation
Name Area Date of plan decision Remarks
Teramachi Danoka Plateau Saikawa side
Slope Green Area Conservation Area
2.1haH11.5.11New: West Okuwa, Houshimamachi area
Kodatsuno Danoka Plateau Saikawa side
Slope Green Area Conservation Area
2.7haH9.4.1New (0.7ha): Nishikimachi area (Nishikimachi Area Conservation Area
H10.5.11District expansion and name change (2.0ha): Additional areas in Okuwamachi, Nishikimachi, Wakuwacho and Wakunami 4-chome area
H14.12.11District expansion (2.7ha): Additional areas in Ishibiki 4-chome and Honda-cho 2-chome
Kodatsuno Terrace Plateau Asanogawa side
Slope Green Area Conservation Area
3.7haH12.2.14New (1.2ha): Kodateno 2-chome ground
H12.8.11District expansion (2.3ha): Additional product in Odachino 5-chome ground
H13.3.1District expansion (3.7ha): Additional product in Kodateno 2-chome ground
Total total 8.5ha  

Special Green Space Conservation Area Location Map (PDF format: 858 kbytes)pdf
※For more information, please contact Kanazawa City Green and Flower Department, 2356) for details.

4. Production Green Area

Production green tract of land is effective in securing good living environment such as prevention of pollution or disaster, preservation of urban environment in harmony with agriculture, forestry and fisheries in the urbanization area, and land suitable for sites such as public facilities It is a district to be determined.
For this reason, it is an area where it is obligatory to preserve it as farmland, etc., except when it is provided on sites such as public facilities. Only certain acts necessary for conducting agriculture, forestry and fisheries that do not cause deterioration of the living environment will be permitted.

by type District name Area Date of plan decision
Production Green AreaShinbohan0.1haH5.1.11

※Production green area location map (PDF format: 651 kbytes)pdf

5. Traditional Buildings Preservation District

The Traditional Buildings Preservation District is a district that needs to preserve traditional settlements and cityscapes, maintain it as a stage for active living in the present era, and pass it on to the next generation. It is preserved by the law.
For this reason, permission based on the "Kanazawa City Traditional Buildings Preservation District Preservation Ordinance" is required in advance when performing the following acts in the Traditional Buildings Preservation District.

  1. New construction, extension, remodeling, relocation or removal of buildings
  2. Thing which will change the appearance by repair, remodeling or change of color such as buildings
  3. Development of residential land and other changes in land characteristics
  4. Cutting wood and bamboo
  5. Collection of debris
  6. Landfill of water surface
Name Area Date of plan decision Remarks
Higashiyama Higashi Traditional Buildings Preservation District 1.8haH13.5.1Higashichaya district (Higashiyama 1-chome)
Kazuemachi Traditional Buildings Preservation District 0.6haH15.4.1Main town of Chaya district (Kazuemachi
Ushin Sanroku Traditional Buildings Preservation District 22.1haH23.4.1Mt. Utatsu (Uguisumachi, Higashiyama 1-chome, Higashiyama 2-chome and a part of Yamanouemachi) (Each part of Tokyo, Koraimachi
Teramachidai Traditional Buildings Preservation District 22.0haH24.4.101st, 3rd, Yayoi, 3rd, Teramachi, 4th Teramachi and 5th Teramachi in Kanazawa City
Total 46.5ha  

Traditional buildings preservation area location map (Higashiyama Higashi, Kazuemachi) (PDF format: 627 kbytes)pdf
Traditional Building Group Preservation District Location Map (Teramachi (PDF format: 787 kbytes)pdf
※For more information, please contact Historic Building Maintenance Division 220-2208) for more information.

6. Scenery district

Landscape district establishes to plan formation of good scenery of city area. Buildings in scenery district must conform to restrictions based on the regulations about town development of beautiful scenery in Kanazawa-shi other than limit of form design of building established in city planning.
Therefore, when we perform act to raise next in scenery district, authorization (permission) of the mayor is necessary beforehand.
  1. New construction, extension, remodeling, relocation, repair or remodeling or color change that will change the appearance of buildings
  2. New construction, extension, remodeling, relocation, repair or remodeling or color change that will change the appearance of the work
  3. Land reclamation and other changes in land characteristics
  4. Logging of wood and bamboo or deposition of property
  5. Development activities (report of activities in the landscape planning area)
Name Area Date of plan decision Remarks Contents Area
Nagamachi Scenic Area7.7haH26.7.1Nagamachi 1-chome, Nagamachi, Nagamachi 3-chome and Katamachi 2 - 3 - 1Contents (PDF format: 125 kbytes)Area (PDF format: 891 kbytes)
In addition to the contents of the city planning, there are restrictions based on the "Ordinance on Town Development of Beautiful Landscapes in Kanazawa City".
※For more information, please contact Landscape Policy Department 220-2364) for details.

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