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Special Use Districts and Advanced Use Districts

1. Special Use District

In use districts's use districts's special use district. It is stipulated to promote land use and protect the environment for specific purposes from special purposes. It is district where reinforcement or relaxation of regulation according to characteristic of district about use of building is performed by regulations of local public entity other than limit by use districts district.

by type Location map Area Date of plan decision
Class 1 Special Industrial District
(Matsushima area
Location map (2,370 kbytes)1.8haH4.4.1
Type 2 Special Industrial District
(Ysuhara area, Uchiki area)
Location map (4,280 kbytes)46 haH4.4.1
Class 3 Special Industrial District
(Sainen area
Location map (5,924 kbytes)25 haH8.4.1
Large-scale attracting facilities restricted area
(Semi-industrial areas in the city except for the first and third types of special industrial areas)
Location map (PDF format: 1033 kbytes)pdfabout 1367haH19.11.30
Total: 1439.8ha

Kanazawa City Special Use District Building Ordinance (Kanazawa City Regulations)

2. Advanced Use District

The advanced use district promotes integration of site of building and suppresses construction of small-scale building and secures effective open space in site of building, and advanced use of land in use districts open spaces. It is a local district aimed at updating functions.

District Area
Floor area ratio
maximum limit
Floor area ratio
Minimum minimum
Building coverage
maximum limit
Building area
Minimum minimum
wall surface
Location restrictions
Plan decision
Kanazawa Station, Musashi Station 1.760/1030/108/10200xoxS51.11.1
Konohanamachi and each part of Honmachi 1-chome
Kanazawa Station, Musashi No. 5 Construction Zone 2.070/1030/107/10200Hgen. 4.4.4One part of Honmachi and one part of Yasuechou
Kanazawa Station, Musashi Station 0.4040/1030/108/10200xoxS51.11.1
part of Yasuechou
Musashigatsuji district 3.160/1030/108/10200S51.11.1
A part of each of Yasuechou
Kohrinbo Daiichi District 9.11Part of Karinbo 2-chome
Kohrinbo Second District 1.5.70/1030/107/10200S57.10.19Part of Karinbo 1-chome
Kanazawa station square second district 1.4.60/1030/108/10200S62. 4.10Shouwamachi, Tamaimachi, Shimadamachi, Honmachi 2-chome, Kitayasuecho and a part of Yanagimachi's Section
Kanazawa station square first district block 1 1.4.75/1030/105/10500Hgen. 4.4.4Part of Honmachi 2-chome
Kanazawa station square first district block 2 0.1060/1030/108/10200Hgen. 4.4.4
Part of Honmachi 2-chome
Musashigatsuji Daishi District 0.960/1020/108/10200H14.12.27Aokusa-machi and Part of Shimotsutsumichou
Katamachi A district 0.6060/1020/108/10200H.25.7.1Part of Katamachi part
Kanazawa Station Musashi, Kanazawa Station 0.5060/1030/108/10200H.28.7.1part of Yasuechou
Total 14.6 ha

※Restrictions on wall position

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