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Outline of city planning

1. History of City Planning

After the abolition of the clan in 1871, it was changed to Kanazawa-cho, the 10th ward of Ishikawa Prefecture, and Kanazawa-ku, and the municipal system was enforced in 2010. Along with its development as a center of culture, we set a city planning area of 987ha in 1923, and decided on a city planning road in 1927 and use districts.
After that, while making changes several timesuse districts, etc., since several changes have been made since the enforcement of the New City Planning Act in 1970, the establishment of urbanization areas and urbanization adjustment areas, review of road networks, designation of the city, etc. We have established a comprehensive land use policy and have reviewed the lines in 1977, 1959, 1992, 2013, 2016, and 2009.

2. Basic philosophy of city planning

Urban planning is a comprehensive town development plan that enables the most rational use of various activities such as politics, economy, and culture in cities, and maintains a good living environment that supports these activities. . According to the City Planning Act, the basic philosophy of the city is that the ultimate goal of city planning is to ensure healthy and cultural urban life and functional urban activities. It clearly states that rational land use should be achieved by imposing appropriate restrictions without entrusting the use to individual arbitrarily.
In this case, due to disorderly urbanization, mutual adjustments will be made so that the agricultural and forestry areas where agricultural investment was made will not be eaten by silkworms or agricultural investment will be made in the area maintained as an urban area. Since it is necessary to plan the rational use of the city, the City Planning Act also stipulates that "healthy harmony with agriculture, forestry and fisheries" should be achieved.

3. City Planning Law-related laws and regulations

4. Legal procedures for city planning

The City Planning Act stipulates that prefectural and city governments and fundamental city planning, and municipalities decide on familiar city planning.
When Kanazawa-shi decides city planning, it is supposed to be decided after consultation with Governor of Ishikawa beforehand after discussion of Kanazawa-shi city planning Council.
In decision procedure of city planning, when we make plan of city planning, when we admit that it is necessary, public hearing, Necessary measures will be taken to reflect citizens' opinions, such as holding information session.
In addition, when we make plan of city planning, we must publicize and inspect plan. Citizens can submit statement of position about city plan which was inspected.

Procedures for determining city planning determined by Kanazawa City

Procedures for determining city planning determined by Kanazawa City

Procedures for determining city planning set by Ishikawa Prefecture

Procedures for determining city planning set by Ishikawa Prefecture

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