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Fire protection and semi-fire prevention areas

Kanazawa-shi town development support information system

You can search and confirm fire prevention areas and semi-fire prevention areas in Kanazawa city.

Fire protection areas and semi-fire prevention areas are areas determined to control the danger of fire in urban areas.

Regional Names Date of plan decision Area (ha) Overview of Changes
Semi-fire prevention areaS23.12.13612.233New Products
Fire protection areaS28. 2.276.00New Products
Semi-fire prevention area606.00Excluding fire protection areas
Fire protection areaS31. 7.306.65Change due to widening of Hirosaka Street
Semi-fire prevention area606.00
Fire protection areaS35. 1.306.65Added Nagata, Nanatsuya, Nakajima and Moriyama districts are added.
Semi-fire prevention area871.0
Fire protection areaS37. 1236.96Nakakatacho district, semi-defense → Fire protection
Semi-fire prevention area870.69
Fire protection areaS37.10.7.85Partially in Katamachi district part, semi- → Fire protection
Semi-fire prevention area869.80
Fire protection areaS41.3.23
Enforcement S41.4.12
8.70Kohrinbo area, semi- → Fire protection
Semi-fire prevention area869.0
Fire protection areaS42. 9. 819.00Added Sengokumachi Disaster Prevention Block → Fire protection
Semi-fire prevention area858.70
Fire protection areaS45. 5. 119.00Added Kanaishi Ono district (55.9ha)
Semi-fire prevention area994.60
Fire protection areaS51.11.24.30Station Musashi Development
Semi-fire prevention area909.30
Fire protection areaHgen. 4.4.425.30 
Semi-fire prevention area908.30
Fire protection areaH8. 4. 186.00 
Semi-fire prevention area1,100.00
Fire protection areaH9.11.1186.00West Kanazawa and Kuratsuki district land readjustment project-related
Semi-fire prevention area1,117.0
Fire protection areaH12. 8.2191.00Kanazawa Station North Land Readjustment Project
Semi-fire prevention area1,112.00
Fire protection areaH13. 6.229000Exclusion of Higashiyama Group Preservation District Exempted by Review of All City Areas
※Area correction by introducing map information system
Semi-fire prevention area1,118.0
Fire protection areaH15. 12.229000Miike Takayanagi District Land Readjustment Project
Semi-fire prevention area1,119.00
Fire protection areaH16.3.229000Higashi-Kanazawa Station
Semi-fire prevention area1126.00
Fire protection areaH27.6.2291.00Part of Hirooka 3-chome, Kanazawa
Semi-fire prevention area1125.00
Fire protection areaH28.3.2291.00Supplementation of land in the northern part of the city → Cancel
Semi-fire prevention area1124.00

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