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About revision of regulations about inn business, house accommodation business (minpaku)


 In order to provide a safe and secure accommodation environment for guests and to ensure a safe and secure living environment for citizens, the "Kanazawa City Ryokan Business Law Enforcement Ordinance" and the "Kanazawa City Housing Accommodation Business Ordinance" Was revised. (Effective July 1, 2020)
 If you are already operating an accommodation facility or are planning to open a business, please understand the revised contents of the ordinance and respond accordingly.

Major points of revision

The following regulations have been added to ensure proper operation of the inn business and private lodging.
 ○Basic philosophy, responsibilities of cities and business operators, and the role of citizens
 ○Obligation to set up an entrance hall (or an entrance hall outside the facility) at a simple inn
 ○Setting up managers, stationing at entrance offices of managers, etc.
 ○Interviews with guests, explanations of guests, responses to complaints
 ○Fire countermeasures

 For details, see below.
In addition, regulations of the regulations about bathroom were revised to prevent legionellosis. For details, see below.

Subsidies for equipment costs

 We will partially support the cost of installing surveillance cameras and fire prevention equipment at existing facilities (simple post offices without managers, reported houses entrusted with management to housing accommodation management companies).
 For details, see below.

Related ordinances

Contact information

Healthcare Center Health Guidance Department, Private Stay Management Guidance Office
Phone number: 076-234-5111
     : 076-234-5114
FAX number: 076-220-2518
mail       : [email protected]

For inquiries

Healthcare Center Health Guidance Department Minpaku Proper Operation Guidance Office
Phone number: 076-234-5111
FAX number: 076-220-2518
[email protected]

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