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To everyone who starts a housing accommodation business (minpaku) in Kanazawa city

Overview of Housing Lodging Business

The housing accommodation business refers to a business other than the Ryokan Business Law that allows people to stay in a house with accommodation fees (the number of days provided per year does not exceed 180 days).
(If you want to stay at a place other than a house or if the number of nights exceeds 180 days a year, permission from the inn business is required.)

Please see the link below for the housing accommodation business.

Link to Minpaku Portal Site

About revision of the regulations about house accommodation business (minpaku)

In order to secure a good living environment for citizens, there are restrictions in Motoichi, such as establishing an area where business is not possible on weekdays by the "Ordinance on Securing Appropriate Operation of Kanazawa City Housing Accommodation Business".
In addition, the ordinance was revised in March 2020, and necessary items were added to ensure proper operation of the housing accommodation business.

For details, see below.

Housing Lodging Business Law Notification

The requirements for the reported housing are stipulated by the Housing Accommodation Business Law, the Housing Accommodation Business Law Enforcement Ordinance, and the Kanazawa City Housing Accommodation Business Ordinance.
For details, see the link below.

Necessary procedures for housing accommodation business

If you are considering the notification of the Housing Lodging Business Law, please consider the following and proceed with preparations.

~Flow until business start ~
(1) We will perform the necessary procedures before submitting a preliminary notification.
   ➀ Procedure of "town development regulations"
   ② Grant of "Firefighting Law Conformity Notice"

(2) Submit a set of notification documents, and if there is no defect, the notification is completed.

(3) After the business start notification is completed, a "sign" will be issued.

For more information, please see a list of brochures and notification Attached document of notification
※Please note that there are two types of notification Attached document for corporations and individuals.

Notification of Housing Lodging Business The number of business days for houses varies depending on use districts.

For areas where business is restricted on weekdays

About facility in the following area, there is limit about business by the regulations about securing of appropriate administration of Kanazawa-shi house accommodation business.
use districts
Residential area (first-class low-rise, first-class middle-high-rise, second-class low-rise, second-class middle-high-rise)
Class 1 residential area (when the total floor area used for residential accommodation business exceeds 3,000 m2)
Industrial Area
※There are also areas where there is a separate limit in town development agreed districts.
※Please confirm about use districts City Development agreed districts, please confirm in "Kanazawa-shi town development support information system".

Restrictions on the Business Period

We cannot operate on weekdays within the restricted area. 
※According to the Housing Lodging Business Law, one day is defined as "the period from noon to noon the next day".
 For this reason, weekdays are days when business is not possible.


Number of business days by use districts Days of

Number of business days by use districts Days

(Click to enlarge it.)
※Yellow areas have limited operating periods.

The concept of the day when business is possible within the restricted area

- : Available days : It's a day when we can't do business.

Business Day Example 1,②

Sales days 3④

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Q & A Regarding Private Stay Service and Ryokan Business Law

We will inform you that Q & A on the Minpaku Service and the Ryokan Business Law is available on the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare website.

For inquiries

Healthcare Center Health Guidance Department Minpaku Proper Operation Guidance Office
Phone number: 076-234-5111
FAX number: 076-220-2518
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