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About new coronavirus infectious disease

To citizen's all of you

After February 21, 2020, the patients with new coronavirus infectious disease are confirmed in the prefecture. For details, please see Ishikawa homepage.
Conduct such as a cough etiquette or hand-washing is very important like cold and seasonal flu measures. We ask you to try for infectious disease measures.

Please consult with "returnee, contact consultation center" about person with the next symptom.
 ・Fever symptom and 37.5 degrees Celsius of a cold or more continues more than four days.
  (we include time when you must continue taking antifebrile)
 ・There are strong tiredness (lassitude) and suffocation (dyspnea).

 ※ When, in with elderly person or underlying disease, upper state lasts around two days

In addition, please consult with "telephone consultation counter" about other consultation.

[about participation, holding such as event or event that many people gather for]
When he/she participates in event or event that many people gather for, each one has you keep conduct such as a cough etiquette or frequent hand-washing in mind and, in the side hosting event or event, installs alcohol antiseptic solution in entrance of venue and we examine correspondence in possible range and ask you.

To prevent new coronavirus (163 kbytes)pdf

Enlightenment poster (Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare)

Q&A (Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare) about new coronavirus infectious disease

Q&A (product for general people) for general people
Q&A (product for people of medical institution, inspection organization) for medical institution, inspection organizations
Q&A (product for people of company) for company
Q&A about the outbreak situation and administrative measures

Returnee, contact consultation center

 We introduce specialized "returnee, contact outpatient" to case suspected of new coronavirus infection as a result of consultation in returnee, contact consultation center. You wear mask, and you avoid the use of public transport, and please have a medical examination.
  In addition, disease except new coronavirus infectious disease is predominantly much situation at present and, at time with worry such as influenza, wears mask like usual, and please consult with family medicine.
◆Indication to have you talk
Please consult with returnee, contact consultation center about person corresponding to any of the following.
・A cold that fever symptom and 37.5 degrees or more continues more than four days
 (person who must continue taking antifebrile is similar.)
・With strong tiredness (lassitude) and suffocation (dyspnea)

In addition, please consult as the following people are easy to be aggravated when this state lasts around two days.
・Elderly person
・Diabetes, heart failure, respiratory illness (COPD) with underlying disease and person who undergoes dialysis
・Person who uses immunosuppressive drug or anticancer agent

<toward the pregnant woman>
When we arrive at pregnant woman, like that is easy to be aggravated just to make sure, please consult with returnee, contact consultation center early.
<to person having child>
About children, there is not report that it is easy to be aggravated at present, and, about new coronavirus infectious disease, I would like correspondence according to indication.
◆Returnee, contact consultation center contact information
○Kanazawa-shi Healthcare Center phone number: 076-234-5106 FAX: 076-234-5104 
        Reception hours: We cope for 24 hours including Saturdays, Sundays and holidays
※We are similar about reception desk of fax until 21:00 and are made a reply of the next day about fax after 21:00.
※When call is hard to be connected, even the following telephone consultation counter (Kanazawa-shi Healthcare Center: 076-234-5116) accepts consultation.

Telephone consultation counter about new coronavirus infectious disease

○Kanazawa-shi Healthcare Center phone number: 076-234-5116 FAX: 076-234-5104 
        Reception hours: Weekdays 9:00-21:00
○Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare phone number: 0120-565653 (toll free number) FAX: 03-3595-2756
        Reception hours: 9:00-21:00 (we carry out on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays)

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Healthcare Center Local Healthcare Department
Phone number 076-234-5102
FAX number: 076-234-5104