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The present position: TopHygiene medical of this health of the insideIt is Kanazawa-shi Healthcare Center of the inside of thisAbout coronavirus infectious disease new from this
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About new coronavirus infectious disease

About consultation, the consultation systems such as patients with fever

As consultation, the consultation system for simultaneous outbreak of new coronavirus infectious disease and influenza, with symptoms such as fever publicizes that it is had a medical examination after consultation on the telephone to familiar medical institution including, at first, family medicine.
As consultation such as there not being family medicine, in Ishikawa, "patients with Ishikawa fever established consultation consultation center" newly.
The future consultation system is as follows.
○Consultation, consultation such as patients with fever
At first, please consult with imminent medical institutions such as family medicine about fever with symptom on the telephone.

○Patients with Ishikawa fever consultation consultation center (call center)
 From 1 establishment date and time Friday, October 30, 2020 9:00 a.m.
 It is 24 hours including Saturdays, Sundays and holidays at time for 2
 3 phone number 0120-540-004 (toll free number)
In "returnee, the contact consultation center" that they established in Healthcare Center, patients with Ishikawa fever are unified by consultation consultation center until now.

 Citizens of prevention of Ishikawa infection spread consultation center is consulted sequentially, and they receive
 Consultation contents: Thing about approaches to affect prevention of new coronavirus infection spread
 Phone number 076-225-1921
 Correspondence time: From 9:00 a.m. 6:00 p.m. (include on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays)

About the infectious disease situation of Ishikawa

About new coronavirus contact confirmation application

Please refer to site of Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare for new coronavirus contact confirmation application (COCOA)

Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare
New coronavirus contact confirmation application
(COCOA) COVID-19 Contact-Confirming Application


About fixation of new lifestyle

There was pointing out that it was necessary to shift to new lifestyle to prevent infection spread at a conference specialized in new coronavirus infectious disease measures of country.
As each one has you keep "new lifestyle" in mind in everyday life, can prevent expansion of various infectious diseases including new coronavirus infectious disease and is connected in protecting not only you but also important family and friend, life of neighbor.

Specifically, please refer to this.
New lifestyle check list (family version)
Practice example of "new lifestyle"
10 points to reduce contact with people 80% 


About prevention of mass outbreak

As for the common point of outbreaks, "fear that unspecified number of people touch "ventilation is bad" "space that people gather thickly and spend" is high place" particularly. Ventilation is bad, and let's avoid that we gather in space that people spend gathering thickly in group.

Specifically, please refer to this (country making).
"It is close" and does not have "sealing" "crowd"
Guide to avoid three dense o
Let's avoid three dense o  (English version English) (Chinese edition zhongwen)
To prevent outbreaks of new coronavirus
Because, in new corona now, we do not open


Q&A about new coronavirus infectious disease

Q&A (product for general people) for general people
Q&A (product for people of medical institution, inspection organization) for medical institution, inspection organizations
Q&A (product for company labor) for company (the labor)
Q&A (product for worker) for worker
Q&A (product for people of type of industry concerned) for type of industry concerned
Q&A about the outbreak situation and administrative measures
About disinfection, sanitization method (Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Consumer Affairs Agency special page)
About instructions in home when there is person that infection is doubted (environmental infection association report in Japan)

Enlightenment poster (Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare)

About consideration to human rights

We hope that we do not perform slander slander in unfair discrimination, prejudice, bullying, SNS for and family, healthcare worker, other people concerned infected with new coronavirus infectious disease.
In conjunction with new coronavirus infectious disease (the Ministry of Justice protection of human rights station)

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Healthcare Center Local Healthcare Department
Phone number 076-234-5102
FAX number: 076-234-5104
[email protected]

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