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Influenza warning was announced

On January 10, 2019, warning was announced from Ishikawa saying "the number of the reports of patients with influenza in Ishikawa infectious disease development pulse-taking exceeded the standard value of warning, and the big fashion may occur in future".
Influenza that is prevalent in the prefecture has most AH1pdm09 followed by it is order of AH3 subtype (so-called H3N2) this winter.

Let's keep brisk hand-washing and enough nutrition, rests in mind to prevent infection.
In addition, cough etiquette is important for extended prevention of infection.
When we do cough and sneezing, in consideration for person of the circumference, let's hold mouth and nose with tissues. Let's wash hand immediately if we control by hand. In addition, in the case of return, let's wash our hands using soap well.
We wear mask by all means, and let's have a medical examination early if we think "did it take?".
I would like influenza measures being conscious of "we do not move" which "it does not take".


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