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The present position: TopHygiene medical of this health of the insideIt is the welfare health center of the inside of this
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The welfare health center duties guidance

The welfare health center

It is various medical examination of infants, various kinds of helps about health of local people and care insurance duties, application, consultation of the welfare health service, general counter about the local welfare, health including re-grant of immunization ticket.

Summary of center

The pregnancy, childbirth, child care

The adult, elderly

Health of heart

Impaired person


Izumino Health and Welfare Center
Phone number 076-242-1131
FAX number: 076-242-8037
[email protected]

Motomachi Health and Welfare Center
Phone number 076-251-0200
FAX number: 076-251-5704
[email protected]

Ekinishi Health and Welfare Center
Phone number 076-234-5103
FAX number: 076-234-5104
[email protected]

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