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The present position: TopIt is the welfare of the inside of thisIt is welfare of the inside of this
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About welfare

Public assistance

When we had trouble with life

<window> Life Support Department 220-2292

  • When we want to be on welfare
    When Maintaining daily life is not made even if we all add incomes of family, please feel free to contact.
Kind of aid Contents
(1) Livelihood assistance Food and clothing costs, aid of other daily life cost of living
(2) Education aid Aid such as school things, side reader, school lunch fee
(3) Housing benefit Aid such as rent, the ground rent, room charge
(4) Medical aid Aid of expense required for treatment of illness
(5) Care aid Aid of expense required for care service
(6) Delivery aid Aid of expense required for delivery
(7) Regular vocation aid Aid of expense to learn fund and technique after starting small business,
Aid of expense when we can go for work newly, aid of high school Entering school expense
(8) Funeral assistance Aid for expense of funeral

To person whom payment of Medical bill is troubling

  • Please consult in what may receive application of Medical bill subsidy program for low income household in welfare not to apply to standard.


The life poor publish notification sentence about general competitive bidding with limitation of working preparations support project business consignment in 2019.

The life poor about working preparations support project

Life poor working training business

Support system to one encountered for disaster


Welfare Division Life Support Department
Phone number 076-220-2292
FAX number: 076-220-2532

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