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The present position: TopHygiene medical of this health of the insideIt is Kanazawa-shi Healthcare Center of the inside of thisFrom this about pet
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About pet

Update information

Dog run Kanazawa

  About the use of dog run Kanazawa
The use schedule   of dog run Kanazawa
          ※There is only one dog run. Therefore about small dog, medium-sized dog, big dog
            As you distribute the date and time and use, please confirm schedule.

About sterility, castration operation

Foster parent business of dog/cat

Consultation such as lost children of dog/cat


* The accommodation situation of taking care of of dog/cat and injury animal  
   Look at the following link.

Toward the owner

* Please inform animal protection control center of the following case.
   1.When dog bites people
   2.When we are separated from owner, and there is roaming dog
   3.When we are at a loss, and dog of unknown owner is crowded
   4.When dog and cat of unknown owner suffer injury in Traffic accident

Consultation such as the first kind animal handling business

Breeding, storage of specific animal

To person who intends to raise dog more than ten of them (has already kept)


Healthcare Center Health Guidance Department
Phone number 076-234-5112
FAX number: 076-220-2518
[email protected]

Healthcare Center Health Guidance Department animal protection control center
Phone number 076-258-9070
FAX number: 076-258-9071
[email protected]

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