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The present position: TopHygiene medical of this health of the insideIt is Kanazawa-shi Healthcare Center of the inside of thisFrom this about pet
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About pet

 In Kanazawa-shi animal protection control center, we perform breeding promotion tameno various approaches toward "town where people and animal live in happily" for appropriate breeding, lifetime of pet.

What's New


To owners

Of dog and cat keep, and publish or that want to think before keeping. Person whom cat without sterility, castration business and owner of cat without owner is troubling is this.

Recruitment of new owner University

Person thinking of transfer of dog/cat protected by animal protection control center is this.

Hesitation dog, hesitation cat information

Where pet was lost is this place.

It is event information about animal protection control center

It is this about facility introduction of animal protection control center and event information.

About laws and ordinances about animal

It is this about animal protection administration and the regulations of Kanazawa-shi.

Application, report [toward the company]

Animal handling supplier is this.


We summarized various questions sent to animal protection control center in Q&A method. We may understand the business content of center which is not known very much.


Healthcare Center Health Guidance Department animal protection control center
Phone number 076-258-9070
FAX number: 076-258-9071
[email protected]

Healthcare Center Health Guidance Department
Phone number 076-234-5112
FAX number: 076-220-2518
[email protected]

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