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The present position: TopHygiene medical of this health of the insideIt is immunization of the inside of thisLet's receive immunization of child from this without delaying
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Let's receive immunization of child without delaying

~ new model coronavirus measures are ~ toward the interested protector

 We can decide routine immunization of child based on age that infectious disease is easy to cost. It is late that immunity is turned on when we delay immunization, and risk that it is for severe infectious disease increases. Let's receive immunization on schedule simply because health of child is curious time without delaying.

<attention in case of consultation> 
・Let's make a reservation with medical institution beforehand.
・Before consultation, we measure temperature, and let's confirm that there is no problem in physical condition.
・With child, protector, let's get a grip by infection measures such as hand-washing if we go home. In addition, we bathe on vaccinated day.
※When routine immunization is over inoculation time, it is paid privately in full.

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Kanazawa City Hall health policy charging talk 076-220-2701
Izumino Health and Welfare Center telephone 076-242-1131
Motomachi Health and Welfare Center telephone 076-251-0200
Ekinishi Health and Welfare Center telephone 076-234-5103

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