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Current position: TopNew coronavirus infection informationAbout new coronavirus vaccination inAbout corona vaccination in Kanazawa wide area emergency illness center from May to May
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About corona vaccination in Kanazawa wide area emergency illness center in May

We will tell about coronavirus vaccination in Kanazawa wide area emergency illness center of May.
(Final update date: May 6, 2021)

Reservation method

①Make a reservation at Kanazawa City Corona Vaccine Call Center
 Reception hours: From 9:00 to 17:45 on weekdays
 Phone number: 076-213-5670 

②Reservation from Kanazawa City Official LINE
 Please see the link below for the reservation method.

Please note that reservations cannot be accepted even if you call the Kanazawa Wide Area Emergency Illness Center.

About May vaccination schedule

Day of inoculation Reservation start date
Saturday, May 22Thursday, May 6
Sunday, May 23Friday, May 7
Saturday, May 29Thursday, May 13
Sunday, May 30Friday, May 14
※For the time being, it will be inoculated only in the morning, but it will be inoculated in the morning and afternoon from Saturday, June 12.
※We will inform you about the vaccination schedule for June.

Items of the day

①Vaccination ticket (coupon)
②Preliminary consultation form (please fill in in advance)
③Identification documents (driver license, Health Insurance Card, My Number Card, etc.
④Health insurance card (necessary when receiving treatment by side reaction)

Please note that if you forget your vaccination ticket, you will not be able to receive the vaccination.


①Please come within the reservation time on the day.
※There is no waiting space at the venue.
 If you arrive earlier than the reservation time, please wait in the car until the reservation time.
 We ask for your cooperation in order to avoid denseness and operate smoothly.

②Cancellations can be made up to 2 business days before the vaccination date. (Example: If the inoculation date is May 22 and 23, until Thursday, 20th)
※The cancellation method is as follows:
 ・Contact the call center (9:00 to 17:45 on weekdays)
 ・Select "Reservation confirmation / cancellation" from the LINE menu "Reservation for vaccination"
※Cancellations after 2 business days do not require notification, but please manage your physical condition up to that day to prevent vaccine abolishment of the vaccine.
③Be careful not to duplicate reservations with other medical institutions.



Kanazawa Wide Area Emergency Illness Center
(In Kanazawa City Ekinishi Health and Welfare Center, Kanazawa
〒920-8533 3-4-25, Sainen, Kanazawa-shi

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