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About new coronavirus vaccination

We push forward preparations so that citizen's all of you vaccinate according to inoculation order that country shows in Kanazawa-shi. For planned inoculation start, we will inform about the inoculation system or eligible people in future.
(the last update date: on April 12, 2021)

The inoculation system

Inoculation method

In Kanazawa-shi, we carry out inoculation by the next inoculation method. If medical institution enforcing inoculation is fixed, we will tell later.
Inoculation method Details
Individual inoculationInoculation in medical institution of neighborhood or family medicine
The collection inoculation
  • Inoculation in special event space (we plan Kanazawa wide area sudden illness center, the daytime of Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays) that city establishes
  • Place limitation type (inoculation in special event space of the hospitals)
  • Date and time-limited model (inoculation that appointed specific day and time in outpatient department in hospital)
Patrol inoculations for person of entrance such as elderly person facilitiesInoculation by "patrol inoculation group" to perform for facilities to hope for

Inoculation by cooperation of Ishikawa center urban area (4 cities and 2 towns)

When we receive inoculation with medical institution except the address ground because it becomes principle to receive inoculation with medical institution in address (we assume "the address ground" as follows) in Certificate of Residence, it is necessary to apply to the municipalities with medical institution which wants to receive inoculation.

If Ishikawa center urban area (4 cities and 2 towns) is inner, medical institution receiving the address ground and inoculation is unnecessary for application even if it is medical institution out of address soil.

※4 cities and 2 towns: Kanazawa-shi, Nonoichi-shi, Hakusan-shi, Kahoku-shi, Tsubata-machi, Uchinada-machi

Range, order of inoculation eligible people

Range of eligible people: People 16 years or older
Order Eligible people
1Healthcare workers
2Elderly person (person born before April 1, 1957 that became 65 years or older by the end of 2021)
3Person who is engaged in other than the elderly person in or elderly person facility having underlying disease
4Other person

※About 1, 3 ranges, please confirm on Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare homepage (you refer to related link).

Inoculation expense

Free (self-pay does not occur)

Start of elderly person inoculation has a possibility

Inoculation in elderly person facility

As inoculation start is original (April), and vaccine supply is limited for the number of the elderly people in the city (about 120,000), it starts from facility inoculation.

The collection inoculation with medical institution, individual inoculation

Start time is not fixed at present.
We will tell later once it's been decided.

It is schedule for elderly person inoculation start

Sending of individual notice (inoculation ticket) addressed to elderly person

We send eligible people expectation all at once from April 19.
Reservation of inoculation has not started yet. Take inoculation ticket to send carefully until time of inoculation comes.

Establishment of call center for exclusive use of vaccination

We establish on April 19.
※We will tell about phone numbers later.

Related link


The welfare health station health policy section
Phone number 076-220-2233
FAX number: 076-220-2231
[email protected]

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