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The present position: TopHygiene medical of this health of the insideIt is the welfare health center of the inside of thisIt is Kanazawa-shi medical checkup from this
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Kanazawa-shi medical checkup

About Kanazawa-shi medical checkup

... once a year will receive medical checkup! ...

To know state of body. Early for disease; to find. And to prevent disease.
Let's receive medical checkup once a year!


            Kanazawa-shi medical checkup was finished in 2019.

2019 Kanazawa-shi medical checkup 

  Healthy examination Group medical examination
Consultation place Medical institutionThe welfare health center, Public hall, elementary school
Consultation period From May to OctoberFrom May to December
Consultation method [including specific medical checkup, cancer screening]
※Take consultation ticket and health insurance card.
As reservation may be necessary, please confirm beforehand.
[specific medical checkup]
※Take consultation ticket and health insurance card.
[including cancer screening]
※Except examination for hepatitis virus, consultation ticket is unnecessary.
※As for stomach cancer, colon cancer, breast cancer, the uterine cervix cancer examination, reservation is necessary for application postcard.
Specific medical checkup
It is eligible people of this
Contents: Interview, physical measurement, blood pressure measurement, medical examination, urinalysis, blood test

[, in people 40 years or older, consultation ticket was sent and is object.]
  1. It is 40-74-year-old participation in Kanazawa-shi people health insurance place hard to pass
  2. Is on welfare, is non-participation in medical insurance
  3. It is participation in Ishikawa Medical care system for the very old (75 and over)
  4. It is 40-74-year-old participation in health insurance except Kanazawa-shi National Health Insurance
※Toward 1-3, I send consultation ticket from Kanazawa-shi.
※Arrive toward 4
  Ask issuance time of consultation ticket of specific medical checkup or self-burden in health insurance of participation each in detail.

※As for the work, business owner carries out medical examination as before.
Various cancer screening
nadono eligible people
・Examination types
[object age that is not work]
Target age varies according to types of examination.
※I send consultation ticket to target person.
[specific age in the workplaces without consultation opportunity]
※Except examination for hepatitis virus, consultation ticket is not sent.
Lung cancer (in healthy examination as for 55,60, 65 years old with examination for CT choice system), tuberculosis, stomach cancer (in healthy examination, we choose among gastric region X-ray check and gastric region endoscopy), colon cancer, breast cancer, uterine cervix cancer, prostate cancer, examination for hepatitis virus, osteoporosis
Consultation rate becomes discounted by 100 yen when we receive stomach cancer, breast cancer examination for from May to June.
Dentistry, hearing ability, glaucoma, forgetfulness medical examinationYoung fellow medical checkup (18-39-year-old citizen's person)

About contents and cancer screening reservation application postcard, please see "bookmark (PDF) of Kanazawa-shi medical examination and health" (we distribute to each family in April).

When we receive specific medical checkup, "consultation ticket" and "health insurance card" are necessary.
As a result of specific medical checkup, Kanazawa-shi will contact Kanazawa-shi National Health Insurance considered that improvement of lifestyle is necessary toward the participation later to prevent lifestyle-related diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes. Participation, please ask each insurer in other health insurance.

National cancer research center cancer measures information center

National cancer research center cancer measures information center


Contact information

City hall health policy section TEL: (076)220-2730 FAX: (076)220-2231


Health Division health policy section
Phone number 076-220-2233
FAX number: 076-220-2231

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