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The present position: TopHygiene medical of this health of the insideIt is health promotion of elderly person of the inside of this
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Health making of the elderly people

Average life expectancy and healthy life expectancy

Average life expectancy and healthy life expectancy in Kanazawa-shi
Than "Kanazawa health plan 2018"

Healthy life expectancy is period to become independent, and to be able to send everyday life that health problem grieves at.
Healthy life expectancy in Kanazawa-shi of 2016 is male 79.65 years old, woman 83.51 years old, and difference (male 1.53 years old, woman 3.23 years old) with average life expectancy means "unhealthy period" with trouble for everyday life.
We can prevent drop of personal quality of life by shortening this difference.

What is Prevention for nursing care?

Prevention for nursing care is to prevent mental and physical decline, and to recover so that care is not in a necessary condition.
Let's begin the making of spirit of mind and body with early house to be active, and to spend life and the life with purpose of life forever.


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