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Kanazawa health plan top page

What is Kanazawa health plan?

With Kanazawa health plan

 In Kanazawa-shi, we devised "Kanazawa health plan" for the purpose of the spread of thought "that own health made by oneself" and citizen, area, administration performing health promotion utilized local characteristic aiming at extension of healthy life expectancy and improvement of quality in March, 2003.
Afterwards, we reviewed content based on change of social conditions and, in March, 2008, devised "Kanazawa health plan 2008", and "health promotion established subtheme from area, home of Kanazawa" and worked on health promotion which valued self-act, mutual assistance, Kosuke.
By "Kanazawa health plan 2013" that we devised in March, 2013, we make the cause of past thought "that own health makes by oneself", aim and directionality about citizen's health promotion for the next ten years clear and raise "health city, Kanazawa extending healthy life expectancy" in basic principles.
Because "Kanazawa health plan 2013" passed from development for five years, based on environmental changes to surround past approach and health promotion, we devised "Kanazawa health plan 2018" in March, 2018. We raise slogan called "local whole healthy city, Kanazawa" newly and set aim for healthy promotion for the next six years and open connection between citizens and health promotion by assisting with the whole area, and administration go ahead through cooperation with area and we promote healthy town development by cooperation with inhabitants and aim at health city.

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