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Normalization plan Kanazawa 2015

For social realization that enhancement of measure for cancellation of promotion and discrimination of right protection and impaired people and your family could live for for life in peace, we devised Kanazawa-shi person with a disability plan "normalization plan Kanazawa 2015" to cope with social environmental change to surround impaired person precisely in Kanazawa-shi, and to feel that impaired people were acute, and to meet.

We aim at realization of normalization society

With normalization society, it is society where it is natural with or without obstacle that all people live a normal life in straight fact as social member equally.

We push forward measure from way of thinking to value extremely natural daily life

  • Anyone who considered universal design tries for livable town development.
  • We try for promotion of social participation and employment, working.
  • We are enriched by measure that can live in area in peace.

Normalization plan


Welfare Division Department of Welfare of Persons with Disability
Phone number 076-220-2289
FAX number: 076-232-0294
[email protected]

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