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The present position: TopIt is the welfare of the inside of thisIt is the welfare of impaired person of the inside of thisIt is normalization plan Kanazawa Civic Forum from this
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Normalization plan Kanazawa Civic Forum

Civic Forum is place to listen to impaired people, family, voice of citizen's, and to do to make Kanazawa-shi person with a disability plan "normalization plan Kanazawa", and to promote.
In addition, it is place where citizen (as for the person who does not have impaired person) deepens understanding for obstacle.
We raise each person's awareness in forum to realize society where anyone is easy to live in and share problem and pray when it wants to be place sending.

Civic Forum began in 1998 (Heisei 10) and held the Matsugae welfare building to around two times, master every year as venue.

About 2020 first Civic Forum

... held by ... streaming and questionnaire
 Civic Forum of the first delivers video which we produced in members of forum executive committee from new coronavirus measures in 2020 becoming the 45th and does with format to have questionnaire from audience. Toward development of next normalization plan Kanazawa to carry out, we have a lot citizen's watch video and by having opinion by questionnaire, connect with development of high plan of effect corresponding to needs this year.
Video contents (about 30 minutes) ※Sign language, with subtitles
(1) Forum executive committee Chairperson Numazawa greetings
(2) Department of Welfare of Persons with Disability explains normalization plan Kanazawa 2021 (the main point draft)
(3) Supplement by Kanazawa-shi person with a disability measure promotion meeting Chairman Moriyama Kanazawa University's professor
(4) As reference of questionnaire answer, it is announced opinion about the main point draft by two members of the executive committee
(5) Forum executive committee Vice Chairperson Yoshimura summary

We look forward to opinion from all of you. (reception desk period was expired)

Normalization plan Kanazawa 2021 (the main point draft)

(reference) Normalization plan Kanazawa 2015


Welfare Division Department of Welfare of Persons with Disability
Phone number 076-220-2289
FAX number: 076-232-0294
[email protected]

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