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The present position: TopQuestionnaire attached sheet from this for 2020 first Civic Forum streaming
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  • Input period was expired. Thank you for your cooperation.

Questionnaire for influence of new coronavirus

Please answer as far as you can do it by each viewpoint.

We ask about yourself. Essential

Otherwise, please input contents. Essential

About sex (essential)

About age (essential)

Main obstacle of impaired person? Essential

*Write concretely if all right.

From here, we ask a question for influence of new coronavirus.
For reason by characteristic of 1 obstacle, was there the embarrassing situation?

When there is, please list the contents if you like.

Because example, sight was defective, thing was not able to identify the most moving passage.
  ・Office was closed down, too and was very uneasy without going out.

Did support contents of 2 times of peace have change?

Please list the contents if all right when there is.

Time for example, home support was shortened.
  ・Entrance facility was closed for a short term and became care labor surcharge.

Was change in the situation in three place facility?

Please input type of facility and the contents if all right when there is.

It was great that form of example, (short-term entrance facility) pickup and drop-off made authority of change place.
  ・(day services such as after school) business hours were shortened.
  ・(working support facility) became teleworking that work load decreased.

Did necessary information arrive for 4 of you?

As we entered example, group, it arrived to some extent.
  ・As it was estranged from family, it was uneasy without most.

Is there environment to exchange with 5 online?

Otherwise, please input contents.

6 future, uneasy thing may be interested?

There may be priority about effective medicine and treatment for example, corona.
  ・Office may be destroyed.


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