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The present position: TopQuestionnaire from this for 2020 first Civic Forum streaming
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Questionnaire for 2020 first Civic Forum streaming

  • Input period was expired. Thank you for your cooperation.

Normalization plan Kanazawa who makes together, and lives together
Questionnaire for 2020 first Civic Forum streaming

Please fill in questionnaire after you saw Civic Forum streaming in the first in 2020.
We report all, and questionnaire result is discussed by person with a disability measure promotion meeting.
We would appreciate frank opinion by all means.

We ask about 1 thing of your own.

Otherwise, please input contents.

(2)About sex (essential)

(3)About age (essential)

(4) Main obstacle of impaired person?

*If you do not mind, write concretely.

(5)Has Civic Forum participated so far?

How did you know that there was video of 2 this time? Please choose applicable item. Essential

How did it seem about Civic Forum by streaming of 3 this time?

We ask about normalization plan Kanazawa 2021 (the main point draft) in 4 next terms.
(1) Write the reason in reason column you have you choose applicable item about measure with interest, and why you thought so.

Reason column
 When there is multiple, write to know for each measure.
(we want I area life support base, e.g., to promote nurture that is at all inkurushibu named IV, V watches of the night expecting, environment maintenance of education)

(2) if there is opinion, for others, next normalization plan, write.

 Other than 5 above, write in living in Kanazawa-shi if it may be embarrassing thing and worry.


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