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Medical care system for the very old (75 and over)

From January, 2016
In the case of report or application of Medical care system for the very old (75 and over), entry of my number and Identification were necessary.

About Medical care system for the very old (75 and over)

Target person

(as for the constant impaired person 65 years old or older) joins 75 years old or older.

  1. One 75 years or older acquires qualification from birthday.
  2. It is necessary that person younger than 75 years applies 65 years old with constant obstacle or older and receives authorization from interjurisdictional affiliation.
  3. Person who is on welfare is excluded.

Health insurance card

"Identification of elderly aged 75 or over medical care person insured" is issued by one piece of one by person insured.


When you had a medical examination with medical institution, you are expected to pay 10% (as for the income earner at the same level as active play 30%) of Medical bill at window.

Medical payment

Kind of medical payment costs received by elderly aged 75 or over medical care is as follows.

Payment / hospitalization time meal Medical expenses / hospitalization time life Medical expenses / combination Medical expenses / Medical expenses / temporary nursing at home Medical expenses / special Medical expenses / transportation costs / large amount Medical expenses / large amount care adding up Medical expenses / funeral costs of medical treatment out of the insurance

About calculation of insurance rate and premium

Insurance rate: 2018, 31

Income percent Nuka 9.33%
Per capita rate Nuka 47,520 yen
The levy ceiling 620,000 yen

Premium Nuka is net total of per capita rate Nuka and income percent Nuka.

As for the premium Nuka of each person insured, it is net total of "income percent Nuka" to bear according to "per capita rate Nuka" which all the people insured bear equally and income of person insured.
Premium Nuka = per capita rate Nuka (47, 520 yen) + income percent Nuka ※
※As for the gross income amounts of money after basic deduction, income percent Nuka is X 9. We calculate by 33%.
Gross income amount of money after basic deduction is Nuka which deducted cost from income amount of money.
(calculation example)
Income is income percent Nuka only as for the pension → {(pension income - deduction from the pension) -330,000 yen (basic deduction)} X 9. 33%

Reduction measures of premium

  1. Reduction measures to low income
    It is 8 90% of premium (per capita rate Nuka) according to income of household. 50%, 50%, 20% is reduced.
  2. Reduction measures of employed insurance which was dependent
    Because person who was dependent of employed insurance did not bear premium until now, premium is reduced so that sudden burden does not come to increase by.
    Premium of employed insurance which was dependent 
    →・We are not imposed income percent Nuka ...
     ・It is reduced per capita rate Nuka ... 50%.

End of premium

  1. Withhold (special collect) from pension
    ・In the one receiving pensions more than annual sum 180,000 yen, premium is deducted from principle pension
    (but it does not become targeted for deduction from pension when Nuka which we matched with care premium is beyond 1/2 of pension Nuka.)
    ・Premium divides into six times a year of pension payment month and is deducted.
    About payment method changes from "payment from pension" to "account transfer"
  2. Including account transfer (the normal collection)
    ・Please put one that does not correspond to special collection in voluntary payment, account transfer.

When we are behind with premium

We may issue identification of person insured, person insured qualification for a short term.

When we are behind with premium, we may be targeted for grant of "identification of short-term person insured" having short validity.

In addition, we have you return identification of person insured unless there are special reasons such as disasters when we are behind more than one year from deadline of the delivery and may issue "person insured qualification" instead.

About one where person insured qualification was issued to, you are expected to pay the total amount of Medical bill once at window of medical institution, and you apply to window of Medical Insurance Department, and please receive supply of medical care payment costs equivalency Nuka afterwards. (supply of special Medical expenses)

  • There are circumstances, and please consult to Medical Insurance Department when payment of premium became difficult.

Exemption of premium

When it became difficult to pay premium by disasters, there is system to reduce taxes by application.

Exemption application

It is driven by administration

Ishikawa elderly aged 75 or over interjurisdictional affiliation
TEL: 223-0140
FAX: 223-0144

Homepage of Ishikawa elderly aged 75 or over interjurisdictional affiliation


Health Division Medical Insurance Department
Phone number 076-220-2255
FAX number: 076-232-5644

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