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National Health Insurance

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Estimate (indication list, simple calculation sheets) of National Health Insurance charges

 ・Being how much when we take out National Health Insurance.

National Health Insurance participation (qualification) (one where support was crossed) who stopped health insurance of the report workplace and any continuation

 ・What kind of procedure is necessary so that (excluded from support) which left company takes out National Health Insurance?

National Health Insurance withdrawal (the qualification loss) (supported person) who took out health insurance of the report workplace

 ・What kind of procedure is necessary so that (supported) which got health insurance of company stops National Health Insurance?

 About National Health Insurance

Targeting at people who do not take out health insurance of the workplace as for the National Health Insurance disease is medical insurance system for the purpose of mutual cooperation which always gives "premiums" together so that treatment is received in peace when had injury.
From January, 2016
In the case of report or application of National Health Insurance, entry of my number and Identification were necessary.
 Full-scale operation of information cooperation started from November 13, 2017, but I would like attached submission of documents such as qualification loss certificates sequentially.

・Information cooperation is to exchange information between different administrations using exclusive network based on the my number method to omit documents which needed which inhabitants submit by administrative various business formalities until now.
・It is said that we need for a certain period of time after provider registered information that information cooperation (information inquiry) by my number is targeted for cooperation.
・Therefore we may need case and the days when information cooperation using my number is not possible on the same day, and problem such as serious delay occurring for paperwork is assumed.
・It lasts, and I would like attachment submission of documents such as qualification loss certificates till this problem is dissolved after the full-scale operational start of information cooperation about National Health Insurance duties of Kanazawa-shi.
・Among information cooperation to affect various business formalities of National Health Insurance, information cooperation to modify parts of local rates-related information and payment-related information of health insurance is postponed in after 2018.

National health insurance program changes from April, 2018

◎City became insurer until 2017 and ran,
 Administration increases prefecture as the responsibility main constituent of financial administration from April, 2018 and runs National Health Insurance together.

◎Problem of national health insurance program
 ①Age structure is high in Medical bill standard highly
 ②Income level is low, and burden of premium is heavy
 ③There are many small insurers who finance is unstable, and become in the red

⇒Stabilization of financial fundamental of national health insurance program, equalization of burden, promotion of rationalization of medical expenses will be planned.

◎Role allotment of prefecture and city from April, 2018
[main role of prefecture] [main role of city]
○The responsibility main constituent of financial administration
○Expense necessary for insurance payment is issued to each municipality
○Standard insurance rate every municipalities calculation, publication           

○Issuance of health insurance cards
○We decide insurance rate in reference to standard insurance rate that prefecture decided
  We do and we levy and collect
○Decision, supply of insurance payment
※As for the duties that city performs, there is no change conventionally.

About style change of identification of National Health Insurance person insured

 With insurer of National Health Insurance increasing prefecture as the responsibility main constituent of financial administration from April, 2018, style of identification of National Health Insurance person insured is changed at the time of simultaneous update based on laws and ordinances revision of country from (October, 2018).
  • Generic Notification of the medical supplies balance
  • Notice of Medical bill
  • Proof of "constant approach" about the self-medication taxation system
  • Brain dock Subsidization for medical care
  • National health insurance delivery lecture

Please be careful!

Suspicious call posing as staff of city occurs frequently.

Medical bill and Refund of premium are going to let you operate Automated teller machine (ATM) as there being, and Suspicious call of contents which are going to hear cell-phone number occurs frequently.

In public institutions such as city halls,

  • In the case of return of Medical bill and premium, we may not demand communication to toll free number
  • In the case of return of Medical bill and premium, we may not order operation of ATM

At first please refer to city hall Medical Insurance Department (TEL 220-2255) without obeying instructions if there are suspicious calls.

Window Medical Insurance Department

Person in charge of general affairs 076-220-2255
(IP telephone) 076-220-2930
Person in charge of qualification 076-220-2256
Person in charge of payment 076-220-2257
Storing measures person in charge, 2 delivery first people in charge 076-220-2258
FAX number 076-232-5644

We handle in Civil Department, civic center and, about changes of Insurance requirement including participation, withdrawal, can do it.


Health Division Medical Insurance Department
Phone number 076-220-2255
FAX number: 076-232-5644

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