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The present position: TopDisaster prevention of the inside is safe of thisIt is disaster prevention of the inside of thisIt is Kanazawa-shi tsunami refuge map from this
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Kanazawa-shi tsunami refuge map

 This "Kanazawa-shi tsunami refuge map" compiled various information such as the inundation information or refuge information necessary for citizen's everybody to evacuate from tsunami based on "Ishikawa tsunami Supposed Flooding Area Map" which Ishikawa made. (2017 revision)
 For refuge from tsunami, we have you usually use this "tsunami refuge map" and few want to reduce damage by each person's action of citizen's everybody and neighborhood association, action by independence disaster prevention organization.
 In addition, we do not know what kind of state real tsunami attacks in. Person living in place having low altitude will confirm neighboring altitude to evacuate to even slightly high place in the case of emergency.

The whole map (March, 2018 making)
Portable Document Format: 9,162 kbytes

<reference> 2012 Kanazawa-shi tsunami refuge map

The whole map (June, 2012 making)
Portable Document Format: 4,685 kbytes


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